You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

Bach FAQ 107

Are Schools Named After Johann Sebastian Bach Today? Which School Did JSB Attend Back Then? 


To the 100 most important Bach FAQ.

To the point: yes, there are all kinds of schools with Bach's name and Bach attended schools in Eisenach, in Ohrdurf and in Lueneburg.


Are there schools and colleges, which are named after Bach? That is to say Bach schools, Bach gymansiums and Bach music schools. Which schools Bach attended is what you find on this page ... a lttle further down. And if I have fogotten one Johann Sebastian Bach school, one Johann Sebastian Bach gymnasium or one Johann Sebastian Bach music school, please just send me a mail.


Sure, ther are such institutions which are namend after the master. They haven't been that easy to find but that changes with my current page. From now on you can discover all of them in one collection. Of course on this page, because here they are all: namely the Bach schools, the Bach gymnasiums and the Bach music schools, all  pedagogical institutions, thatcarry the name of the of the Bach family of musicians or the master in their name.

Probably there are even more schools with the name of Bach in their name. Absolutely probable is that there are more gymansiums, the rough equivalent of a US colleges. But it won't be much longer, that they are missing on this page. Because here is my request. And that has worked out perfectly on more pages of my webistes. With schools and with gymansiums?


No, with humans who belong to the Bach family of musicians. To get "their data", is a lot more complicated, compared to get the names of more schools or gymansiums. All Bach genealogists had been frustrated stuck in the presence. Because communities don't hand out data about still living Bachs family of musician or not. However from now on they are able to find me they just have to find me and my request on the internet, With googeling. That works phantastic. On this "Bach on Bach" website.


That is why I believe, that from now on in the oncoming months and years again and again a student will send a mail and in that mail I can read: I am attending a Bach school in so and so. Or I am attending a Bach gymansium in so and so. And ... you don't have that institution in your list.

So Here They Are: Firstly Bach Gymnasiums in Germany

1.     Music Gymnasium Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Berlin


2.     Johann Sebastian BachGymnasium, Mannheim


3.    Johann Sebastian Bach Gymnasium Windsbach, Bavaria


Now the Bach Schools in Germany


I leave the German names here it is theier name. However, a Grundschule is an elementary school, Musikschule is music school (... surprise) Kreismusikschule is county music school. Städtisch means municipal. The last position is a municipal daycare institution for children.

1.      Grundschule "Johann-Sebastian-Bach", Arnstadt


2.      Bachschule Detmold


3.      Musikschule Johann Sebastian Bach, Eisenach


4.      Bachschule Stuttgart-Feuerbach


5.      Bachschule Köthen


6.      Anna Magdalena Bach Schule, Leipzig


7.      Kreismusikschule J.-S. Bach, Mühlhausen, Thüringen


8.      Bachschule Neunkirchen


9.      Bachschule Offenbach


10.    Städt. Musikschule "Johann Sebastian Bach", Potsdam


11.    Johann Sebastian-Bach-Schule, Reilingen bei Hockenheim


12.    Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Schule Salzgitter


13.    Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Schule, Weinheim


14.    Bach-Grundschule, Dortmund-Wickede


15.    Städtische Kindertagesstätte An der Bachschule

And Finally: JSB-Music Schools in Austria


1.      Bach Music School Innsbruck, Austria


2.      Johann Sebastian Bach Musikschule, Vienna, Austria

Which Schools Did Johann Sebastian Bach Attend During His Childhood and His Youth?


Johann Sebastian Bach spent his schooldays in three cities: that was firstly Eisenach in Thuringia until the age of 10 years. Next location was Ohrdruf, Thuringia, after he moved in with is oldest brother. and finally he spent two years in Lueneburg in Northern Germany. after that he could have stuedied on a university –  for instance in Leipzig – as he finished his schooldays in Lueneburg successfully. However, he didn't do that.


Initially Johann Sebastian Bach got his first musical lessons from his father, and that is to say playing the violin and probably the uncle of Johann Ambosius, Johann Sebastian's uncle in playing the organ. However the Bachhaus in Eisenach back then was no music school, so Johann Seabstian Bach didn't attend a music school as a pupil in the sense of our question.


1693, that is to say at age 8, Johann Sebastian Bach attended the exactly same school, which Martin Luther did earlier. Some 200 years earlier. It was the Latin School Eisenach, Thuringia of the back then Dominican Abbey.


In Ohrdruf Johann Sebastian Bach attended the Lyceum there until we learned in the prima. From the secunda Georg Erdmann became his best and life long friend.


With friend Georg Erdmann Johann Seebastian Bach finally hiked to Lüneburg and spent two years in Norther Germany. He learned at the Michaelis School with the Michaelis Abbey. This abbey does not exist anymore, the church does. Finally he finished his schooldays oustandingly and he hiked – again with friend Georg Erdamnn, again a trip of 186 miles – back to Thuringia. Where Bach spent the first half year back in Thuringia, is not known. Probably he moved in with his big sister in Erfurt, Thuringia or his oldest brother in Ohrdruf.


The school in Eisenach. A plaque reminds of Johann Sebastian Bach. May be, and that is really only perhaps, Bach sat exactly on the chair, where the world-famous Martin Luther sat two centuries earlier and learned diligently.


On which school else dis two personalities like Bach and Luther learn? Here you can almost see it "in black and white"! It is easy to find, this school: some 63 steps on the right "over" the St. Georg Church. Well, sort of.


You can't really discver it yet: the hint regarding Bach above the hint regarding Luther. That is possible much better in the pic below.


Here it is, the hint, that Johann Sebastian Bach learnded and was a pupil here – if he didn't accompny his daddy and sang to his music on weddings, funerals, chistenings and festivities and – for that reason – missed many lessons.


Johann Sebastian Bach's School in Ohrdruf


Next place, where Johann Sebastian Bach attended a school, was Ohrdruf, today a city. Here is the Gleichense Gymnasium. A cordial to the management of this school, which agreed to the publishing of their photo above.


A cool wrought-iron gate reminds of the prominent pupil Johann Sebastian Bach, who once attend school here, when the Gleichense Gymansium still was the Michaelis School.


Where is our super star, Johann Sebastian Bach?


A small hint: ther are to positions 4 on this page.


The Third Location – the Third School, that Johann Sebastian Bach Attended: a Michaelis-School Again!


In the background you see the Michaelis Church. Next once was the Michaelis Scholl. What this area looks like today, is what you can discover on the following two pictures.


A preservd part of the back then Michaelis Abbey. It could be ... entirely perhaps ... a part of the former Michaelis School. However – rather not.


At a portal of the Michaelis Church is a hint on a plaque: right of the lantern. You want to check on that closer? Sorry, I didn't take a photo, when I was there. I didn't guess, that there might be a plaque regarding Johann Sebastian. I just have ...  messed it up.


So, because you don't get a photo, of the school which Johann Sebastian Bach attended two years in luenebrug, you get – as a compensation so to speak – one more pic of the St. Michaelis Church instead.


So, Wich School Else Did Johann Sebastian Bach Attend?


Sure, in addition Johann Sebastian BAch "attended" St. Thomas School. St. Thomas School next to the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Saxony. Here however he taught music. And that was for children, who - some of them - weren't even able to sing one correct tone. Said Bach.


St. Thomas School in Leipzig. Far in the background. It's not more existing for  long time. Here the Bach family was once living and here Johann Sebastian Bach once taught music. A long, long time. The fountain in the middle of the picture is not there anymore today. However there is the New Bach Monument meanhwile.


Here you see it better: the St. Thomas School. However, Johann Sebastian Bach didn't attend this school, but he taught there for a long, long time. So did he attend this school - or rather not? By the way, in front of the school the Bach monument is located, more precisely the Old Bach Monument. The main entrance of the St. Thomas Church on the left sight is not visible because of the trees. However, you now know, where it's located.


A third perspective, where you can see St. Thomas School and St. Thomas Church, too. From this angle you can easily discover the main portal of the church building. However, you don't see the Old Bach monument from this perspective. Not at all.


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