You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

Johann Sebastian Bach


The Johann Sebastian Bach website for children, parents, grandparents, godparents, uncles, aunts and also for teachers, music teachers ... and of course ... also for educators.

... and for all those who are no longer children and have gotten lost here – looking for information about the famous composer – here's a shortcut to Bach on Bach. It is the big internet portal about all aspects regarding Johann Sebastian Bach.


On the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach, it's best to turn left here to the navigation. There you will find everything about Johann Sebastian Bach. But how to get the most out of this, my JSB website for kids – that is, if you're interested – you'll find out if you stay on this page and just read on. It's kind of like an "instruction manual".


The Composer Johann Sebastian Bach Is the Greatest Composer of All Time!

About Us ... 3 Bach Fans (Promotion)This is what he looked like. Johann Sebastian Bach. That he did not look like the illustration at the top of this page is clear. But to start a website about Bach for children with this so-called steel engraving (... above) ... most of you would probably have clicked on quickly. Right? Or not?



To create a website that is exciting for kids at the age of – let's say – seven years ... and at the same time for young adults shortly before graduating from high school: That was really not an easy task. To design this website for parents, grandparents and teachers at the same time: even more difficult! And why do that at all?


For all the kids who have read this far, please find the right page for your age in the top left navigation. Now. Or, read a little further here and learn how to get the most out of this Johann Sebastian Bach website for kids.


On this Bach website for children, only one of us three Bach fans is at work, in fact me, Peter. I would like Johann Sebastian Bach to become even better known than he already is today. And indeed all over the world. In fact, the "subject of Johann Sebastian Bach" is not an easy one. Not his life, not his music, not his family. And especially not: for children.


Why Bach is the greatest musician of all time? Other celebrities can explain that better. With the sayings they "let loose" about the master composer. Collected by me ... as quotations. About Johann Sebastian Bach. Is this collection of quotations also exciting for – for example – ten-year-old children? No. But maybe for older students. And for really interested people for sure. And for adult Bach beginners, too. Is Bach boring? Only if you approach the subject in the wrong way right from the start.



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An Essay for Your School Instruction


At the beginning of our whole enormous Johann Sebastian Bach project – that was in 2012 – my wife and I thought we would make one ( 1 ) great website especially for people who already know Johann Sebastian Bach, who love him, who may have even read a biography about him and who are enthusiastic about his music. But little by little we realized that there is hardly any really exciting website on the whole internet, which offers a lot of information about the superstar, and is also really fun. Sometimes even cool. And that ... has finally developed into our biggest German website about Johann Sebastian Bach: entertaining and hip. It is called Bach on Bach. But it's still not cool enough for kids. That's why later – after about a year – already this website "Johann Sebastian Bach for Kids" was created. This website – on which you are reading right now – is not the best one now, if you want to put together a longer presentation. For that, this whole other website – the one that is more suitable for older students and adults – is perfect. The one that is mainly about Bach, of course, but not only.


By the way, nowhere on the internet is there more German and more international information about Johann Sebastian Bach than on this, my website Bach on Bach. But that is not really the special thing. What is special about this website is that particularly students will find there a perfect amount of background that fits the length of the homework project. Because it is a difference if you have to talk about the composer from Eisenach for ten minutes or for an awfully long half hour. Whether you have to lecture to the class about Johann Sebastian Bach or whether you have to put it together in writing: That is also an aspect. Or even whether to produce your own website – they are already available almost for free, for example at Jimdo – about Johann Sebastian Bach – under your own name and go online with it. If you have such a plan, feel free to contact me. If it turns out great, you might soon be a member of our Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team.


Bach on Bach always offers two kinds of fun: one is factual information. With it, you can be sure that we have spent many, many months searching, reading, comparing, phoning and asking for it. So it is correct, because it also comes from many Bach scientists and Bach biographers, who know much, much better about Johann Sebastian Bach than (... ad beginning) my wife (ad end) and I (... even together). But then there is something else that makes the whole thing about Johann Sebastian Bach entertaining. And exciting. And sometimes funny, too. Why not start a presentation with a quote from Ludwig van Beethoven or Max Reger about Johann Sebastian Bach? Because some of the quotes are really cool. Or even exciting. In a written electronic work, why not punctuate the chapters with great Bach stamps? Or while reading out a short biography, play musical works by the Thuringian master via MP3 player and an external mini speaker for ten dollars at Best Buy? 


Everyone can write a simple essay. However, my Johann Sebastian Bach website – and also your work can be that with the whole offer on Bach on Bach – is just additionally exciting. The best way to get there is to do it like a pro. First, think about how long you want your work or task to be. Three minutes, five minutes, ten minutes or even a half hour presentation. Then click to Bach on Bach and there you will see the most important pages for you: In fact, it's the short biographies and it's the facts page. You can find all that clearly via this link. And then you see in the navigation how much information of mine fits best for your task. The shortest mini-biography contains only the most important things, the one-hour biography contains a lot of things that are not so important anymore. In the facts sheet – for example – you can "pick up" very easy and precise information. At the very end, here is a hint to the FAQ: Here at the "Bach on Bach FAQ" you also get very quick information and answers "to the point". If you do something cool even with PowerPoint, there is already a huge amount of photos, images, documents and illustrations that you can include for free. And this is becoming more and more illustrations. You may use almost all of them for your school work. But ask me additionally – if you want to publish something (... upload it to your website) – because safe is safe.


And now ... have much fun.



Are You Between 6 and 10? Then It Goes This Way ...


On this website – where you are reading right now – you will find both: firstly, information. About Johann Sebastian Bach. Written for children from six to ten years. And on this website there are already examples of how some of Johann Sebastian Bach's works sound. But then there are also many hints where you can really learn everything about the great composer on other websites of mine.


In addition, there are also my suggestions, where you can find a lot of things about Johann Sebastian Bach ... but not on my Bach websites, but on the websites of other Bach connoisseurs. Who I am, by the way, you can find out with a click here (... on this page then at the bottom). So ... my suggestions how you can really learn "enormously more" about Johann Sebastian Bach and where you can listen to even more of him, I have also compiled all of them for you.

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Of course, there are great books about Johann Sebastian Bach. However, there are relatively few for children. For adults, there are almost infinitely many. By the way, a book about the life of another person is called a biography. Such a biography about Johann Sebastian Bach explicitly for children has been written by the author of this website (... that is me). For children ... plus for one or the other adult, too. 


This here (... the following text and the pictures to it) – between the two horizontal lines above and below – is advertising. Advertising for the biography that Peter Bach Jr. wrote for children in the "Bach Mission" which he shares with his wife about Johann Sebastian Bach. Of course, it is written so that many children can read it ... but to do that, of course, as an adult or adults, you have to buy it first. And that's why this section is advertising. That's why exactly this text is in blue color on this website for children. So please do not confuse that this website is about Johann Sebastian Bach, but we - as publisher and author - also wish that many children all over the world read this exciting biography about Johann Sebastian Bach for children. Whenever the information – that is, the text – is not only about Johann Sebastian Bach, but also about what the publisher offers in terms of books, calendars and other Bach gifts and music gifts, the font color is blue, as in this very section. And it has the word "Advertisement", or "Ad", "Promotion" above it. And when such a section is over, then it just says "advertising end" there. Or something like that. 

This is it ... the biography for children about Johann Sebastian Bach published by Bach 4 You. With a click on the button below you get to the store. Then you choose the "Bach-Biography-for-Children-Corner". But it is already mentioned here ... or just once again ... this little biography is not only exciting for kids. To the store



Is Your Son or Daughter Between 11 and 14 Years Old? Then Here Is No Book for Him or Her at All ... Sorry!

Three books on Bach and none of them is perfect for kids from 11 to 14.



In fact, at some point, kids are just too old for my Bach Biography for Children. On the other hand, they're also not old enough for a real, particularly exciting biography, the rightmost book I recommend for older kids. Finally, the third biography in the picture at the top center is pretty "heavy reading" for those who are no longer teenagers. It is a particularly detailed biography of Johann Sebastian Bach. It is not written for children at all. And even for adults it is quite demanding. You can get it in any bookstore and also at It is written by the world's most recognized specialist on Johann Sebastian Bach, in fact, Professor Dr. Dr. Christoph Wolff. By the way, this painting of Johann Sebastian Bach on the book title, top center, is the only one that shows what Johann Sebastian Bach actually looked like. For there are many pictures of Bach, but they are all freely made up. Like, for example, the picture of Bach on the right book title. The one in the middle is painted by Elias Gottlob Haußmann. He lived in Leipzig at about the same time as Bach. 



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Are you actually still a child when you're 11 to 14 years old? Actually ... you are, right?! Yes. Probably you have already "met" one or the other classical composer in class. For you – between 11 and 14 years old – I think it is important that information about such a conservative topic as about one of the greatest composers on earth should also be presented in a somewhat relaxed way. Not everything always has to "come across" as serious. 


So, what is my suggestion then? Don't read information in a book ... that's what I meant above. The best thing would be for you to visit a section on my website that is tailor-made just for you. Click here to go to that page – on that website – for you. Or there's a whole other website, actually once written for Bach fans and lovers of Bach's music. But a few months later, there was also a Bach FAQ section there, which might be perfect for you today. There you also have the option to choose a Bach short biography that is just the right length for you. To read it. Or alternatively, to watch it at ten minutes long. 



Are You in the Age Range of 15 to 17?


You are 15, 16 or 17? Then maybe you didn't want to click to this website. Right? But you can 'check it out' if you find "Bach for Children" so high up on Google. On the other hand, this very website could be really absolutely helpful ... even for you at your age. In fact, because this website provides you with the best sources of information somewhere in the universe about Bach.


This website about Johann Sebastian Bach actually offers very little for your age group. Except for the enormous advantage that you have found it. Because from here it goes on very attractively. In fact to Bach on Bach. This is "my real" website about Johann Sebastian Bach. It ... was originally not intended for children. But – as you can tell – I'm not a very serious person, and I've always thought of those who want to find serious things exciting. And important things sometimes funny. And this is finally also excellent for children. On this website Bach on Bach you can find practically everything about Johann Sebastian Bach ... or you can find it there, if it is not on this website. 

How many children today still start collecting stamps as a hobby? In addition to the many electronic leisure offers. Collecting Johann Sebastian Bach on stamps is additionally something very special. In fact, in contrast to stamp country collections, people are enthusiastic about so-called motif stamps. These are, for example, animals or space travel or even sports as themes ... just on stamps. And within the theme of music or composers, one can then again decide on a sub-theme. For example, stamps featuring Johann Sebastian Bach ... or having something to do with him. There are about 160 different stamps in existence for the last 100 years. 



The idea with this website is – there is no question about – to offer, exactly in the right moment, a guidepost, when you google "Johann Sebastian Bach" plus the search term "children". To create an additional, special website for older children would have been much, much work for me. However, to "handcraft" a manual, which is exciting for children in each age range – that was really easier. So I built one that addresses three different age ranges. Of course – some children at age 6 years might be much too young for the whole subject – others are at age 17 no children anymore at all.


I would love to offer something exciting and much, much information with all my Bach websites related to the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach – currently more than 20 in two languages – and that is not only for grownups and Bach enthusiasts. About that court composer, and that is to say not only for those mentioned, but for many children as well. I try to present a way for those kids, how to have most fun meeting the Royal Polish and Electoral Court Composer.


My most important websites about Johann Sebastian Bach in my project are Bach on Bach, the German sister website Bach über Bach, then another one especially for people who are also interested in the family of this superstar, in fact Bach in Wechmar and finally the website you are reading right now. 

Johann August Reinhold Bach with some of his children, the boys. These seven young "gentlemen plus dad" in the picture above, that was the Bach Band in Rochester in the state of Minnesota at that time, way up north in the USA. Johann August Reinhold Bach went down with the ship Empress of Ireland after a shipwreck in Canada, when he was on his way to Thuringia, of all places. That happened in 1914. 



Are there children at all who are already interested in genealogy? I don't think so. The author of this website – I – found Johann Sebastian Bach only with this hobby genealogy. Mostly the enthusiasm for the past of one's own family begins only at an age around 50 years. The historical photo above is – by the way – a great find during the  research in America: the Bach band of Reinhold Bach in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. They are all related to Johann Sebastian Bach. Here's my tip, even if you're only ten years old: Ask your grandpa or grandma right now what their grandpa and grandma's names were and where they were born. Then you give this to your parents, and they should put it in the family book or close to the most important documents of your family. Because if you – at the age of 50 – feel like doing some family research, then ... you won't be able to ask grandma and grandpa, and you might never find your ancestors.



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Age 18 to Age 103? It's Actually Never Too Late to Meet Johann Sebastian Bach


No, no, no ... this website for children is not made for you as an adult. Maybe for parents and grandparents or godparents or teachers. Also for music teachers. And if you find information in the style of the Disney Channel really good. Now you may be disappointed. If you don't have children yourself, then all that's left for you here is my recommendation for exactly the following three books, which you've already met in the picture above (... yes, I know, here comes advertising again). Otherwise, I would like to address you here as parents, as grandparents, as godparents. And maybe there are kids in your circle of friends or relatives. And if you don't know what to buy and what to give for Christmas and birthdays, this is another option. Well, you know what to do, that's why my reference is here. This whole section was – in case of doubt – again product placement, that is advertising, promotion ... an ad. So, now ... promotion end).



Are You On the Search for the Perfect Johann Sebastian Bach Website All Over the Internet For Your Children?


Maybe you're here because you're looking for the perfect website to get your kids excited about Johann Sebastian Bach ... and you notice that even one or two topics that – on Bach on Bach – are not only great for older kids, but also excite young, cool people. Why not explore Bach's music in a completely different way? Here, in the following example, we've chosen one for you: It's Concert Number 3 from the Brandenburg Concerts, which we've "mixed" with photos of Rothenburg ob the Tauber, a city in Germany. You may already know Rothenburg ob the Tauber in the north of Bavaria. This town is one of the best preserved historic city sites in Europe. If you then like what you see and also what you hear, then you can get creative yourself: There are 33 musical works by Bach on my main website. They are the 33 most famous and popular works of Bach. In addition, there are 33 photo series. Now you can mix each musical work with each photo theme. That is then together almost 1,100 video music combinations.

You might fall in love with Rothenburg ob der Tauber and also with Johann Sebastian Bach's music. If so, why not start exploring beautiful places in Germany in the "Land of the Bache". There's a very special page for that, and it's on my "Bach on Bach" website. Click here, then you are already at the goal of your wishes.



A "secret" for all adults and young adults who come by here: I put together this sampler below, of 33 musical works by Johann Sebastian Bach, just for users in a hurry "surfing the internet on the go". And for kids, it's also really good. Because in such a way, one can simply "check" in the "superfast mode" whether you might like JSB's work. More serious people, Bach lovers and all musicians may please forgive me.

That's what I call service: You don't even have to click to this particular video in "another corner" of this website. In fact, here it is again. Just in case you missed it in the navigation. But now – and seriously – don't tell any musician or classical music lover about "this very special collection of Bach music".


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On this website you as an adult will learn more about my motivation to have written exactly such a Biography About Johann Sebastian Bach for Children, as it has just become. And why I am of the opinion that it is important not to "trample" and overload every germ of interest with too dry, boring information. On the contrary: to encourage a first cautious enthusiasm very, very carefully.


And sure, you'll get a reading sample, plus several audio samples accompanied by Johann Sebastian Bach's immortal music, and you can look at some of the wonderful illustrations in the children's book. So then you know what and who ".... stands behind everything".

The Bach Coloring Book with the Bach mini-biography for very young children.

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