You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

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Music Calendars and Music Calendars for Children. Actually, They Are Perfect Gifts for Musicians. So Why Don't You Find Almost Any?

Music calendars, music calendars. One portion for kids, another portion for grownups and when "Bach 4 You" offers as many as 33 music calendars, then you can imagine: There are some even for children in their kindergarten-age among them, many for teens and one or another calendar is really cool for young adults. This page of this website now is not for you – that is to say for your kids – but for your parents, for friends of your parents, for musicians, that is to say for adult musicians, for classic music fans and for teachers, in particular for music teachers. Here, by the way, is the summary of all 99 music calendars almost without any text. With a click here you get to all 99 pics.


On the "gifts for musicians, gifts for musicians page" you can read, why these four promotion pages are on a website for children at all. Just click and read more about that hint.


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It is a music calendar and at the same time, it's a composers calendar, too. However, you don't find this calendar in bookstores. And you find it on Amazon only. If you know about their existence, you definitely will find this one and 5 more value-priced composers calendars, which are published by the publishing company "Bach 4 You". However, it's only in the shop, where you find 27 more composers calendars, which are perfect as a music gift. Do you want to explore them now? 2023 + 2024? Click on the button.


So many music gifts, so many Bach gifts, so many music calendars, so many Bach calendars … learn more.



Actually, There Had Almost Been No Music Calendars Around. That Is Why Nobody Is Researching for Them Today

But why were there no music calendars around, when there are 99 music calendars available at "Bach 4 You"? Well, we have to go back in time a little: Back to the year 2015. If you we looking for music calendars on Google in 2015, you found the following: Two calendars in the subject of composers plus a number of calendars, which were related to musicians and bands. To the theme of ABBA, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis and all those big and little celebrities. Spring 2015 was the time when the biography about Bach for children and the coloring book were on the home stretch. We had the idea, to publish one calendar, too. We that is Peter Bach, Jr. with his "Bach on Bach" project, which this website is a part of. Plus that is the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You", which is owned by Renate Bach. Because we had figured out meanwhile that we might excite more humans with a detour, we had the idea to create a calendar related to the theme of Bach and quickly the plan developed to reach even more classical music lovers with an additional calendar related to all great composers.


How you already realized reading the most important website about Bach (... maybe ...), which is "Bach on Bach" plus you realized on this website, too, nothing in our "Bach mission" actually is common. There is much about all and of all: There is much to read, many videos, many Bach monuments, and Bach choirs, many Bach websites. And so, this was the same, when it came to our music calendar plans. After many fans liked the first two calendars, we decided, to spread the "Bach mission" via more calendars even further. And because funny exciting numbers are sort of a hobby for the author of this page, we planned exactly 33 Bach calendars, 33 composers calendars, and 33 music calendars. Later we combined a whole section with 33 music calendars for children and teens.


Anyway: The answer earlier on this page is not answered yet, respectively the headline is not explained. Good, correct. So now: Humans are searching. And since Google is around we know, that you have to think, how to research most successful. And then comes the moment, when you realize with a so-called keyword: It doesn't help, you won't find, what you are looking for. And this is how probably hundreds of thousands meanwhile researched the term of "music calendar". And they find ABBA, and the Beatles and more musicians and bands. These, however, are no music calendars, like we mean it. That is to say, we mean the theme of music. So, those who made this experience one time, probably never google "music calendar" again. Because he or she knows, there are no exciting results. And that is why our start is difficult. It's a whole different thing when it comes to "gifts for musicians". Not only do you find many, many websites, but on these websites, you will find unbelievable many gifts for musicians. We now want to try, to climb up the Google scale as high as page 1, to tell all those people, who are looking for gifts for musicians, that music calendars are gifts for musicians, too and ... that they are around since 2016. A long way, but your visit today and here helps a lot.

A music calendar rather for music fans beyond age 16. A collection of twelve dreamlike photos in a combination with music sheets. Noble gold meets white: twelve months of fun on your wall. Two options: 2023 or 2024. To the shop.


33 Music Calendars, 33 Bach Calendars, 33 Composers Calendars, 33 Music Calendars for Kids: 99 Calendars!

First for our own cause: You wanted to check on the 99 music calendars, maybe even check on the 1,188 monthly pages? And you don't want to read a page long text? Then here is a shortcut for you, as on this page there will be no 99 music calendars, but just a few samples. 


99 calendars are what you can discover on this page of the Renate Bach Publishing House and from there you get to the shop, too, where you can discover the 12 monthly pages of each calendar. You get directly to the shop – if you already now have decided to buy a calendar – with a click here. Or – of course – via the shop button.

We go on together in the matter of mathematics? Why is 33 + 33 + 33 + 33 calendars on this page and at "Bach 4 You" 99 calendars? And just not 132 calendars? Why don't you explore three more music calendars until we tell you about the solution? Yes, it's weird somehow – we agree – but our publishing house defines a music calendar as follows: In our shop music calendars are part of the music calendars and the Bach calendars are as well. However, actually these both types – in the sense of our motto – are no music calendars, but Bach calendars and composers calendars.


However: Because so few calendar publishing houses offer music calendars and no publishing company in the world at all just exclusively specializes in music calendars, we do a little bit "our own rules". And somehow it is correct: A composers calendar is a music calendar, too. Than the ABBA calendar would be one as well. But we "honestly ignore that". By the way: Of course, we just don't know it: Whether "Bach 4 You" is the only music calendar publishing house on earth. Three more calendars, so in the sense of that paragraph real music calendars ... then comes the solution to the arithmetic problem.

A dream of colors, a dream of music calendar (2023 + 2024) ...

... a music calendar for lovers of classical music (... also 2023 + 2024) ...

... plus finally – related to the subject in the last paragraph above – one more real music calendar. For the littlest. US style and EU style. In 2023 or 2024. To the shop.


33 + 33 + 33 + 33 = 99?

Okay, first there were the Bach calendars. Actually, there was just one Bach calendar in the beginning. The one with the monuments. However, we planned more. More Bach calendars. Then came the idea, to lead with classical composers to Bach. That mirrored after a short time in the calendars plans: a composers calendar came into being. Firstly in our minds, then in real life. The composers calendar with the titles of five different weekly papers was "born".


Next was the whole community on the internet, which was interested in music exciting for us and so the way led us to the first music calendar. In this time we the creative folks of the "Bach mission" invented one calendar theme after another. For grownups, for teens, for children and little children: Added up again, because the author has fun creating funny numbers 33. Like there were 33 composer calendars planned and 33 Bach calendars.


However, until that moment there had been no section children's calendars related to the subject of music. So we invented a fourth section which adds to the three before: children's calendars. It generates from the already existing music calendars, which are perfect for children plus those calendars, which are perfect for teens, kids and young adults however you want to call them among the composers calendars.


So, it comes, that the publishing company "Bach 4 You" offers 33 music calendars, 33 composers calendars, 33 Bach calendars plus 33 music calendars for children: A total of 99 music calendars.

Sure, you get three more cool music calendars at the end of this page. This one is actually really adventurous, However, in a black and white living room, it matches absolutely to perfection. The music calendar, which actually is a composers calendar. And that is to say in 2023 and in 2024. US style + EU style.

One more composers calendar, which is a music calendar at the same time. Would you like to get access to discover all 99 music calendars again? Here is the link, just click on the link. Three sizes. EU style + US style. 2023 + 2024.


1,000+ Bach gifts and 10,000+ music gifts … learn more.

How could be different at the end of this page? The last calendar is a really cute music calendar, which of course is what as well? Correct, it's a music calendar for kids, too. Or a children's calendar related to the subject of music. Exactly the term, which you like best. 2023 + 2024, Three sizes, European style and US style, To the Shop.



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