You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

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Links to More Cool Websites


In 2023, the major relaunch of the website about the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You" will be completed. And this will of course also apply to the German website. The two links above will take you to the Publisher's pages in each case. The store is the second page in the online offer. With a click here, you can get there very quickly. And if you don't speak English, here is the German version.


Topic Anna Magdalena Bach (German). After I got to know the Gewandhaus musician Dr. Eberhard Spree, I was able to optimize my website considerably. Many thanks to him at this point. Also, the English page is now perfectAnother personality is worth another very special page on the main homepage of our Bach Mission. It is the one about Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. To rehabilitate him. Quite naturally, this page also exists on the sister site. The third very important Bach is Veit Bach. He is the founding father of the musical Bachs. But ... he is not the first known Bach in this family. This Bach did not make music yet. For visitors who do speak German, the information is available here.



The Bach Bust is a major theme in the Renate Bach Publishing House and in the Bach Shop. There are not only five of the typical Bach busts, but also Bach statues, little wooden Bach men from the Ore Mountains and the Little Bach Figure. Of course, all of this is also available in the store for the rest of the world. And there it is the Bach Bust section.



The Luther Calendar. Of course, I also point here to new offers in the Publishing House of my wife. And of course this also takes place on other websites that I run. A first page is on the most important website, that is Bach on Bach. Then there are even two on the website where you are reading right now. One is right in the "calendar corner". But then there is another, special page. That is the page where this Luther Calendar is offered as a perfect gift for pastors, reverends, sacristans, organists and cantors. And you can find more background about this Luther Calendar on two pages of Renate's Publishing House. Once it's in what's called the publisher's section. But then it is also the page where every enthusiast can buy the Luther Calendar in the shop



You love pipe organs? Do you know Martin Doering's "" in English? Not yet? You should definitely visit it someday.



Do you know the cool company "Spieltrieb"? Nicole Stiehl and Till Meyer design card and board games and implement them for companies.



Bach by Bike is the original when it comes to cycling tours in "Bach Country", more seriously now: ... when it comes to cycling tours in the "Land of the Bache".



Who are the Genealogists of Heilbronn? Find out here. If you are also a family researcher.



What is Classical Music? This website is the only one that offers an understandable answer to this question. So that also interested people, mainly certainly children and teachers looking for an explanation, can find a more precise definition of this difficult to explain term, this website is of course also available in German "Was ist Klassische Musik?".



Classical Music Top 100 is the second side on the website mentioned above (What is Classical Music?) the second website that is primarily intended to appeal to children and classical music beginners. It was created in summer 2020. The matching German page is Klassische Musik Top 100.



Classical Music for Children: It is one further website in the Bach project. And here you get – with one click – to the German counterpart Klassische Musik für Kinder. The latest website in late summer 2020 is a website, that approaches teachers and provides 14 PDFs, MP3s and a video for their presence teaching or their online and remote learning. The English name is Teaching Material Classical Music. The huge and exciting German counterpart addressing German teachers is Unterrichstmaterial Klassische Musik



Actually, it is not a good idea to refer to a wine website on a portal for children. But this ad section is designed for adults. The Wine Snob is looking forward to your visit.



If you are in Eisenach, please take the time to visit Christiane Möller's brick and mortar store in the Marienstraße 19 in the city center. Or visit her at Textilkunst Eisenach. She is offering cool Bach artwork and your visit is well worth the time.



WEGE is the name of the cool magazine from Austria and in winter 2018/2019 we got to know the publishing family. The website is definitely worth a visit. Graphics of all kinds and websites can also be designed there. Schreuerdesign is the appropriate keyword.



Exciting: Musik-Kalender ... Musik-Kalender (German) ... and just as exciting, but now as an English counterpart ... Music Calendars ... Music Calendars.



It's worth a virtual visit here, and if you live in Berlin, a personal one as well: the Evangelische Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Kirchengemeinde has a great and also highly informative website.



In Summer 2018 I met US author Annette Hubbell from California. Visit her website, it's worth it.



Are you a real lover of music? Welcome here. Please click, and you will find Bach calendars, actually 33 different Bach calendars, 33 composer calendars and finally, you have guessed it ... 33 music calendars.



Plus here is one more cool website offering these calendars related to the three themes of music, J.S. Bach and composers: You will find precisely 33 Bach calendars plus 33 music calendars plus 33 composer calendars.



Why don't you visit the cool website of a very modern cantor? He is not only a cantor, but also a church musician and district cantor.



Our Wolfgang Rösler is one of the members of the Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team. And he has been from the very first day. He paints simply fantastically. And his diaries are legendary. Please visit him on his website.



Anyone who has a pet knows how bad it is when one day it is simply no longer there. For some, a pet urn is then a very special mourning aid. And with a hand-painted picture of your beloved family member is then something very special. Just have a look at this website. It is the one of Sabine Ress and Wolfgang Rösler.



Then there is the "Mood of the World" ("Stimmung der Welt"), a book by Jens Johler: a top tip from me. However, only if you know German.



Not only general guided tours for guests, but especially the costume tour, in which Franz Schuchart leads through Leipzig, are a very special offer. His website is no longer active, but you can still experience him with a click here.



If you ever need a musician and a recording studio to go with it. And that's exactly what you need in Oregon in the USA, then you've come to the right place with David Gordon. Click here for his website. And of course I'm smiling right now.



Why don't you take the time and visit the Carmel Bach Festival Website? And when you plan your next vacation, you could think about visiting the actual festival.



If you ever hear somebody talking about the subject of Kilianstollen in France connected to soldiers died in WW I, please tell them about a very special website, where relatives of these soldiers play a big role.



The Bach 4 You Publishing House not only offers Bach related stuff, but 99 calendars with music themes as well. 



Christian Hoske is our friend and specialist when the search for ancestors becomes complicated. If you know him then, that's almost "half the battle". Not only does he dig through thousands of historical pages at a much faster speed, but his expertise is also important because then you don't miss the crucial clue. The link above takes you to the German section of his website, this link here to the English oneA special service of Christian Hoske is a special page, with which a hobby genealogist can approach his hobby as a professional. With one click you can get to the German page. However, this service is only available in German.




Information about the Bach Seal begins on "Bach über Bach" with FAQ 93 as an introduction to this exciting topic. It was the first FAQ when the crown in the Bach Seal still had seven prongs or cones. FAQ 94 was created as an overview when it turned out at the end of 2022 that there were even seven Bach Seals. In this FAQ they are clearly listed. Finally, there is FAQ 106, and it is really exciting for anyone who wants to learn as much about the wax seal, the two graphic Bach seals, the seals on the Bach Cup and in front of the Bach House, plus finally the oldest of the Bach seals, a petroglyph. On the English "Bach On Bach" website, FAQ 93 can be reached by clicking here. In direct neighborhood is then the overview on the FAQ 94. Exciting in a Google search via "Google USA"? There the first ten results are all dedicated to the seal with the crown with seven prongs and twelve of 15 images are the "old" Bach Seal until 2009. Here you get to FAQ 106.



Particularly exciting Bach and music gifts can be found in the online stores of the "Bach 4 You" Publishing House:




Zazzle in Germany


Zazzle in the USA







Meet Many Music Calendars in the US Style

learn more here.



99 Music Calendars, Composers Calendars and Bach Calendars

Bach calendars are music calendars. Three sizes. European style and US style. 2024 + 2025. To the shop.



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