You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

They Are not Just Exciting for Children: All of My "Bach On Bach" Websites

Johann Sebastian Bach in the Ulm Cathedral, City of Ulm, Germany.


My Website "Bach On Bach"


"Bach on Bach" – that is to say its sister page "Bach ueber Bach" – that is the largest website in German about the musician Johann Sebastian Bach on earth. "Bach on Bach" is the largest website in many languages beyond English. The by far the biggest portion, of course, is in English. And it's the most exciting website about the composer anyway. Here you really experience much about the musician. There is an answer to every question. Maybe to almost every question. And it's fun, to learn more about the Thomas Cantor on these pages.


The Johann Sebastian Bach portal is constructed in a way, that each chapter and section delivers really much fun when you learn more about Johann Sebastian Bach, his life, and his music. That is true even for children. Of course, this and that is absurd. Plus an open secret: Not every subject is handled there. However: You get hints, where you find more information related to exactly this question, which you have related to the subject of the composer Bach. Plus ready ... will this adventure – these pages my websites  probably be never.


The website "Bach on Bach" is extraordinary, because so much on it is so different, compared to other Bach websites or in books. On this website, you won't find one short Bach biography, but even six short Bach biographies in different lengths. You find a collection of international stamps about the band leader. A collection of tributes. His music works. You can learn, where Bach once lived and in which cities he was working.


"Bach on Bach" is – for a second reason – a really different and special website, because it's not only around the subject of "Johann Sebastian Bach", but about family research as well. For the littlest children, which come along here and read: That is if you want to learn more about your family back then: Who was grandpa of your grandma? Who was the grandpa of this grandpa and so on? "Bach on Bach" is an exciting website related to this special theme and you might be interested in that hobby later in your life. Actually, it's really no passion for children – and for that reason, it may be even more exciting for you. Just click here and poke around a little.


My Website "Bach in Wechmar"

Wechmar is a really teeny-tiny community close to Gotha. Gotha is located very close to Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany. Erfurt, however, is located between Wuerzburg and Leipzig ...  Wuerzburg, Bavaria and Leipzig, Saxony. Just check that out on a roadmap.

That is the mill in Wechmar, Thuringia. It's the mill in which Veit Bach – about some 400 years ago – as the first of the family of Johann Sebastian Bach made music. Even for kids, there are exciting things to discover here.


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Gotha, Thuringia, Germany.


My Ultra Short Video about "Bach in Wechmar"

Johann Sebastian Bach is not just the most famous musician, the Bache that is what they called the Bachs back then that is the most famous family of musicians in the world. So, that is why it's so exciting, where and how the Bache today they are called Bachs or Bäche (... I don't even try to explain how to pronounce it) became a family of musicians for the first time. The Bach family, somehow they existed forever, however, there was a time when the first of them made music for the first time. That was Veit Bach. This happened in this little village of Wechmar. It was around the year 1600. He played to the beat of a mill wheel on a kind of cittern. Back then a cittern didn't have the name of a cittern plus it was a German name: So, the German name was Cythringen not to translate. If you are a little interested in Wechmar now, then you may watch a video here now, just 6 minutes short. So go on reading after that.

The ultra short video about the little Bach place of Wechmar.

My Website "Famous Composers"

Here all the audience is perfect: Grownups and children. It's a cool website when you want to learn more about famous composers in the world. However not just about the super famous you will find information, but about those as well, which don't have their place right on top of the podium. Plus the most important. There is always a hint, where you find more about a particular composer.

My Website "Bach in Books"

That is really fooling around with the name of Bach. However no wonder, if my last name is Bach. If so, such a thing can happen. What I mean, this website is a place about all books that are fun and which are around the theme of Bach.


Of course, that is, on the one hand, the composer Johann Sebastian Bach, on the other hand, it's about the subject of Bach flowers, too. These two themes are related to the word and name of Bach if you are looking for something with Google.

I discovered such books too on my journey through the Bach genealogy and my adventure to the children's biography about Johann Sebastian Bach.


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The Website about My Friend Christian Hoske, the Family Researcher Who Is Living in the Bach City of Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany

Von Peter Bach, Jr.


I would like you to meet Mr. Hoske. Christian Andreas Hoske is a genealogist. Without him, the children's book about the life of Johann Sebastian Bach would have never been accomplished, not this website and actually none of the websites on this page. Mr. Hoske is the perfect specialist if you are stuck with your research. In this case ... he is the pro.


Already here my tip, which you can almost not pay: If one of you ever might have fun, to research his ancestors later in life, then he or she is able already today to do something, which he or she will never ever be able to accomplish later.

If you have that experience of life, then it's too late in most cases: You should have asked your grandparents earlier ... don't tell me, I didn't warn you.

What did I mean? Well, if you have the idea that you might somewhat in the future want to explore, who your great-grandfather was, whether you are related to ancestors in Europe or whether you are related to a famous person than there is a major advice in the following paragraph. And by the way: Both of my godchildren, better of our godchildren are related to the American President. Yes, it is a pretty far distance. However they are related. Our best friend found that out, he is even more painstaking and he does genealogy even more precisely. He was the one after all, who directed us to genealogy and initiated our big fun with that passion. So, if you think about whether this passion might excite you, too, then...


Don't wait a single day and visit your grandparents, kids. Drive them "crazy with questions". Have a pen and a paper pad with you, or a laptop, your IPad or your smartphone and ask, as if you never are permitted to ask a question again. What the names of their parents were, the names of their grandparents, ask for all maiden names and ask whether there were any siblings around. Plus ask were these siblings and even cousins were living. Don't plan that for next spring break or summer vacation. Do it next weekend, and if they live too far away, call them. Next Sunday? Nope, do it tonight. Grandma and grandpa are looking forward to your call. Why that speed? Are they in their seventies currently? Must I say more?

It is possible to find those photos when you live in the United States of America or you have roots or relatives there. Just imagine how exciting this was for Renate and me. First, we didn't even know, that there are relatives of Johann Sebastian Bach in the USA. Then we found out. Later we say this historic photo for the first time. And later Cathy gave it to us as a gift ... the original. For me, it's like holding the newest generation of an iPad in my hands, as the only one on the planet. That on the picture above is Reinhold Bach and a fraction of his children, the Bach Band in Rochester, Illinois, USA.

And why is it so urgent, to drown your grandparents with questions? Well, firstly because they love you and with these questions, they have a common subject with you, about you can talk. However, you want to know, why you should ask that badly. Okay, here is my answer. You probably are interested in your ancestors not earlier than very late in your life. When you are young, different things are much more important: firstly sports, next is computer, later girls or boys. Next, you are in your apprenticeship, or you study, join the army. Next step is you marry, you buy a house or an apartment, you get one, two, three or more children, you back off the loan for your car. So, after that, your grandparents have long gone and you had the option, to research at least one, maybe two or more generations so easily.


That doesn't take longer than two or three hours. You write that down to perfection, checks everything a second time together with your grandparents you send them a letter if they live too far away. After that ... you put everything next to the age-old photos and the family book or family bible, where mom and dad have them stored. Prior to that a second tip of much value: Don't just make an electronical copy of the knowledge, that your grandparents handed down to you: Make copies of all documents, which are priceless, so just in case of flooding or a fire these data and photos are safe. There it is well stored and can wait for your interest a quarter of a century or even half a century.

For almost all children such a photo album is so uncool, it couldn't be more uncool. However, there might be a time, when you suddenly are interested in your own family history. For this reason: Ask your grandparents, best would be as early as this week, how the names of their grandparents have been. And maybe, there are even such historic photos like this one above. If so, ask your grandpa or your grandma, who these persons on the photo are. Later ... this will just not be possible anymore.

It is a Bach calendar, a composers calendar, and a music calendar. And this one is good as a music gift or as a gift for musicians. So, where can you buy it? At "Bach 4 You" and there in the shop. Three sizes. EU style and US style. 2023 + 2024.

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