You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

They Are Not Just Exciting for Children: All of My Bach Websites

Johann Sebastian Bach in the Ulm Cathedral, City of Ulm, Germany.



My Website "Bach On Bach"


Bach on Bach, this is the most comprehensive German-language website about the musician Johann Sebastian Bach in the world. And it is the most exciting one about Bach in the world anyway. Here you can really learn everything about the composer. There is an answer to every question. Well ... maybe to almost every question. And it's fun to learn more about the Thomas Cantor there.


This Johann Sebastian Bach portal is designed in such a way that it is a lot of fun to discover Johann Sebastian Bach, his life and his music in every chapter. Even for children. Of course, some of it is goofy. And an open secret: Not really every topic is covered there. But: You will find out where there is more information about exactly the question you have about the composer Bach. And this website of me will never be finished, really.


The website Bach on Bach is unusual, because much on it is quite different from other websites and books. On it there is not one short biography, but eight of different length. On it, you will find a collection of international stamps about the Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon court composer. And a collection of quotations. His musical works. You can see where Bach lived and in which cities he worked.


Bach on Bach is also a very different website, because it is not only about "Johann Sebastian Bach", but also about genealogy. For the smallest children who stop by and read here: Genealogy is when you want to learn more about your family ... about the family members who once lived. Who was the grandpa of the grandpa, who was the grandpa of his grandpa ... and so on. Bach on Bach is an exciting website about this topic, and maybe you will enjoy this hobby someday. Actually, it is not a hobby for children ... and that's why it might be especially exciting for you. Have a look.



My Website Bach in Wechmar


Wechmar is a tiny little town near Gotha. And Gotha is kind of near Erfurt. And Erfurt is between Würzburg and Leipzig. Just take a look at the map here. It all began in Wechmar with this largest family of musicians in the world. It is about the great-great-grandfather of Johann Sebastian Bach, who lived there with his son.

This is the mill in Wechmar, Thuringia, where Veit Bach was the first in Johann Sebastian Bach's family to make music about 400 years ago. There are also exciting things for children to discover here.



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My Ultra Short Video About "Bach in Wechmar"


Johann Sebastian Bach is not only the most famous musician. The Bache – as they used to be called – this is also the most famous musical family in the world. And that's why it's particularly exciting to find out where and how the Bachs – that's what they're called today, or Bäche – first became a musical family. So to the Bach family of musicians. This Bach family has somehow always existed. Logically. But at some point, one of them made music for the first time. And that was a Veit Bach. And it happened in this little village of Wechmar. That was around the year 1600. There he also played to the beat of a mill wheel on a zither. In the past, however, a zither was not yet called a zither. If you are now just a little bit interested in this Wechmar, then you can watch a video here, only six minutes short. And then read on.

The ultra short video about the little Bach place of Wechmar, close to Gotha close to Erfurt in Thuringia, in Germany.

I have also "passed by" such books on my "journey to explore where the Bachs once came from." Already at this point: This was not Hungary (... Ungarn). But .... caution, caution on this subject.

Gotha, Thuringia, Germany. Few people know that Gotha is also a Bach city: It is associated with Hans the Minstrel (... Hans, the Spielmann) and with performances by Johann Sebastian Bach. Gotha can also be reached quite well on foot from Wechmar.

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The Website About Our Friend Christian Hoske, the Family Researcher Living in the Bach City of Eisenach, Thuringia


Von Peter Bach Jr.


I would like to introduce you to Mr. Hoske. Christian Andreas Hoske is a genealogist. And without him my children's book about the life of Johann Sebastian Bach would never have been written. Neither would this website and actually none of the websites on this page. Christian Hoske is exactly the right specialist when you get "stuck" with researching yourself. Then he is the professional.


Already here a tip, which one cannot pay actually at all: If one of you might ever find fun in researching his ancestors, then you can do something today, which you will never be able to do again. Here is the link to his website and there is also a super short video (... way down on this page) what and how he does it ... with the ancestor research.

Only after you have the life experience ... then it is usually too late: You should have asked your grandparents earlier ... don't say I didn't warn you.



What do I mean? Well, if you're thinking about maybe wanting to know someday who your great-great-grandfather was, or if ancestors lived in the U.S., or if you're related to someone famous, there's a top tip in the next section. And by the way: Both of my godchildren, better our godchildren, are related to the former American President Obama. Sure, by many, many corners. And I know, that many of you can not stand him. But ... they are related. This was found out by our best friend Axel, who does even more meticulous and precise genealogical research than we do. And he got us to enjoy it ourselves in the first place. So: If you think that such a hobby could also give you pleasure one day, then ...


Don't wait a single day and visit your grandparents, kids. Drive them "crazy with questions". Have a pen and a paper pad with you, or a laptop, your iPad or your smartphone and ask, as if you are never permitted to ask a question again. What the names of their parents were, the names of their grandparents, ask for all maiden names and ask whether there were any siblings around. Plus, ask where these siblings and even cousins were living. Don't plan that for next spring break or summer vacation. Do it next weekend, and if they live too far away, call them. Next Sunday? Nope, do it tonight. Grandma and grandpa are looking forward to your call. Why that speed? Are grandpa and grandma in their seventies currently? Must I say more?

You can find photos like this if you have relatives in America. Imagine how exciting it was for Renate and me: At first we didn't know that there were relatives of Johann Sebastian Bach in America. Then we found out. Later, we saw this historical photo for the first time. And still later, Cathy gave us the original. For me, this is like holding the latest generation of iPad in my hand: And being the only one in the world to do so. By the way, the above are Reinhold Bach and some of his children, the Bach Band in Rochester, Minnesota, USA.



And why is it so urgent to shower the grandparents with questions? And right now, better today than tomorrow? Well, firstly, because they love you and have a common topic to talk about with you. But you want to know why you should ask so fast and so soon. Sure ... and here is the answer. You are usually interested in your own ancestors only very late in life. Before that, other things are more important: first sports, then computers, then girls or also boys. Then you are in education, next you get married, then you start a family, then you buy a house or an apartment. You have one, two, three or more children or pay off your car. And then ... your grandparents have "suddenly" died a long time ago, and you could have easily researched at least one, probably even two generations very easily. And you can take this opportunity to ask for historical family photos, and in the process try to find out what the names of the people in the oldest photos were.


It doesn't take more than two or three hours. You write it up neatly, double check it by sending the grandparents a letter with a printout. Or correctly, an email. And then ... you put it with the old pictures close to the family book at mom and dad's house. A second cool tip: Don't just make electronic copies of your grandparents' legacy, scan all the historical documents that are irretrievably gone if there's ever a fire or flood destroys those assets. In the cloud or in the safe in the bank, it can then rest for a quarter-century or even half a century.

For almost all children, such a photo album is as unexciting as it gets. But at some point you may suddenly realize your interest in those earlier times. Therefore: Ask your grandparents, maybe even your great-grandma or your great-grandpa, preferably this week, what were their grandparents' names. And quite possibly, yes, their great-grandparents. And maybe there are such old pictures, as above. Then do not forget to ask grandma and grandpa, who is photographed there. Later on ... it never works again.

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