You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

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Children's Calendars, 33 Children's Calendars: 33 Cool Gifts and All Related to the Subject Music


Children's calendars on the theme of music? There are actually children's calendars on the subject of music for kids and teens and young adults? And these are then actually really cool kids calendars? And actually all on the subject of music? This page of the website is also intended for parents, grandparents, godparents, uncles and aunts. And right: You could also call it "music calendars for kids". But we just didn't do that on this page: Here they are children's calendars.


Bach by Haußmann in the children's room? One of the old masters above the kids' desk? How uncool is that? There is another way. Age-appropriate and hip. By the way, enthusiasm for Classical Music and Lady Gaga go well together. But it should be a little up to date. At least. For kids. And for teens. Bach 4 You has such calendars. Bach calendars, composers calendars, music calendars. And just now? Music calendars especially for children. Children's calendars. On the subject of music.


The Renate Bach Publishing House Bach 4 You offers 99 calendars. Of these, a whole 33 for the smallest, the small, the medium and the big children. And others for teens, juveniles and finally also for young adults.



Actually ... you would like to explore children's calendars related to the theme of music plus get directly and now to the shop? That is possible with a click on the button here.

Our first children's calendar on this page: A music calendar for kids over three years? Sure, with such a calendar, music education starts really early. Plus, it's an exciting European format, or you can order it with a huge calendrical, like calendars in the US are. Two options: 2024 + 2025.

The second children's calendar here. A music calendar for kids over five years? Just this one could be perfect. Two options: 2024 + 2025. Three sizes.

This is not really a children's calendar. But then, what would be a "juvenile calendar", please? Or are there "teens calendars"? No, all such – like this one above – are music calendars that come across as cool and hip for teens, beyond the age of 14. Three sizes. 2024 + 2025. To all shops and there it goes on: To the poster calendars please click to "Bach 4 You", to the 50:50 calendars you get via "Zazzle".



Elsewhere, Is where You Almost Found No Music Calendars, a Little Back in Time. And Even Fewer Children's Calendars on the Subject of Music

"The Little Animal Orchestra" is what you get in several options: First, you may paint the little animals yourself. Parents buy it ... kids color it ... grandparents love it for one whole year. However, you can buy this children's calendar already colored. Many little animals perform music together. Of course, is the ready-colored children's calendar the more convenient calendar version. Three sizes. US + EU style. 2024 + 2025.



Is There One More Publishing House Offering Music Calendars for Children, plus Music Calendars for Juveniles? Anywhere Out There ... In the Universe?

In this music calendar, they all are already colored: all little animals. This children's calendar with the "Little Animal Orchestra" actually is the much more convenient option of both of their kind. 2024 + 2025.

There are four music calendars for children with animal bands. This calendar above consists of twelve elephant musicians. So it's a music calendar for children, that love elephants. Three sizes. 2024 + 2025. EU and US style.

Hundreds of music gifts? No ... rather thousands. To the five shops of our missions.

Uncountable music gifts and Bach gifts: Where else do you find a "panda band calendar"? Learn more here.

Subject music calendar for children: Let's say Tobias has been to the zoo and is now completely enthusiastic about the little elephants. For him, there is the calendar in which only small elephants make music. And Tina from the neighborhood was also there. But she – even after this trip – is still totally into kittens. Okay, for her there is a music calendar in which only kittens make music. Such "trivial animals", however, do not interest six-year-old Axel at all. In fact, he has a passion for exotic panda bears, and he too can be helped. The panda band is available for him in a very special children's calendar. In my Publishing House we call it the Special Little Panda Bear Children's Music Calendar. As always, all three are available in 2024 and 2025. To the shop.

Topic music calendars for the youngest: It just can not be that there is only one kind of little animals on offer at "Bach 4 You". What if your youngest or granddaughter doesn't like the style of the little animals above?! Your choice: 2024 + 2025.


These are not real music calendars from all the other providers above. And real music calendars for children certainly not. Nevertheless, our offer could of course also not be described as a real music calendar, but as a "little animals make music calendar". After all, if kids are beyond 16, then there are once again far fewer music calendars. We Bachs thought that this was a pity and so the idea developed from the initial offer of one lonely Bach calendar to offer several such Bach calendars also for small music fans. This also led to the idea of offering composers calendars and, almost at the "end of a chain of ideas", to the fixed plan of publishing music calendars (... for adults) as well. Finally – just in time before the start of the calendar season 2016/2017 – the creators of "Bach 4 You" discovered that there were practically no great music calendars for children.

This music calendar (... 2024 + 2025) is perfect for many a kid's bedrooms ...

... plus this colorful music calendar, too. Your option: 2024 + 2025.

There are additional music calendars, Bach calendars, composers calendars and pipe organ calendars   also with a huge grid on "Zazzle" learn more here.

... and finally you "embarrass" yourself with this composers calendar neither to your schoolmates nor to your best friends. By the way, you can find more cool and stylish composers among the "children's calendars", as well as among the composers calendars and the 33 Bach calendars. Three sizes. 2024 + 2025. To the Shop.



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