You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

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Music Calendars for Children, Music Calendars for Teens and Music Calendars for Grownups


Music calendars for four-year-olds, music calendars for kids, music calendars for teens and music calendars for young adults. It's a total of  33 calendars and if you now add up these 4 categories of music calendars, which you can order at "Bach 4 You", as 33 music calendars, 33 Bach calendars, 33 composers calendars and 33 music calendars for children, so it's 4 times 33, then you get a result of? Exactly 99 calendars. However ... why is that so?


Music calendars actually almost didn't exist until 2016 at all. That was even truer in bookstores, because there a kitten calendar, a puppy calendar or a calendar about cities, horses or about worldwide landscapes sell an estimated 100 times more often than one with the subject of music. And that is why never ever a books store owner even thinks about such a thing: That is giving the space, which a cute little kitten calendar or a sweet ador5able puppy calendar needs, to a music calendar, which – in addition – then addresses four-year-olds only, or his or her parents or grandparents. Read more about that in the coming 4 paragraphs.



Actually you wanted to discover children calendars and for that reason you wanted to get to the shop right away? That is possible with a click on the button.

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This is actually no calendar for children here, as "Bach 4 You" offers 66 more music calendars for grownup musicians and music fans. That is what we just had to tell you upfront. Photographers call a time after sunset and just before it gets dark the "blue hour". Although you can see it with the naked eye too, if you want to be sure to catch it as a photo motive, you better take the photo starting as early as half an hour before and until half an hour after these exciting time, same location, same motive, on photo every five minutes. The result is a deep dark, full blue in the background of the actual motive. It goes without saying, that best would be if you have a complete sky without any clouds. However – like mentioned before – it is certain: This calendar might be better for teens, if not even for young adults: Actually not ... for children. Now we get to them: To the calendars for kids, teens, and young adults. Your option: 2023 + 2024.

There we are, it does work! On the website for children finally a music calendar for children ... or if you like that term better: The children's calendar, subject music. You can hang that calendar, by the way, starting as early as three months old over the little bed. There is no pedagogical effect at all, however, it's funny for visitors and all relatives, too. Don't take that too seriously. Decide for 2023 or for 2024. To the shop.

This children's calendar fits in a kid's room to perfection and that is true starting at age three. Or four. Or, if you like that better, five years old. You decide that all alone. All music calendars for children are designed, to approach the theme of music very pedagogically and carefully to a coming generation of little Mozarts and Beethovens. 2023 + 2024.

So Now: Why Were There No Music Calendars Around?


Firstly, meanwhile, they are actually around, these music calendars and the music calendars for children. Secondly, we understand, that a music calendar is no calendar about ABBA, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga or Rihanna. These are musicians calendars. And thirdly, there are and have always been some exceptions been around. Finally, "Bach 4 You" didn't invent the music calendar.


So, why haven't there been music calendars? Back to the mentioned before books store owner. He orders books and calendars at the so-called book intermediate trade. That is who the whole book market works. Publisher delivers to the intermediate trade, they store hundreds of thousands of books and deliver them overnight to your bookstore on request. So the book that you would love to buy is in your city in real short time.


However, if bookstores - for the reasons mentioned two paragraphs ago (... that was the story with these cute, cuddly kitten calendars, which sell so perfectly) – do not order any music calendars, then the book intermediate trade keeps all those in their storage. Or, alternatively: it just orders no such calendars from the publishing houses. They, however, can't sell an edition of many copies – for instance – without the help of the books stores. Because the interest from the internet is really small by way of comparison ... at least if you match it to the sales of the book trade.


How does a "common" and big and real calendar publishing housework? It orders 50,000 calendars of a theme and delivers that to the book intermediate trade. What it keeps as a rest, is trash. That is true around the 31st of January. That works to perfection with kitten, however not with the theme of music. Please go on reading below the three following calendars ...

A music calendar as a "generation comprehensive" suggestion (2023 + 2024) ...

... plus again one music calendar for Mini-Mozarts + Mini-Haydns (...also 2023 / 2024) ...

... plus one more music calendar for all young and young at hearts music fans: Music calendars for music enthusiasts from age three to age 103. 2023 + 2024.



Here Is a Shortcut for You: There You Get All 99 Music Calendars at a Glance


You are reading and reading and actually, you wanted to discover all music calendars and didn't want to learn about the history of music calendars? Okay, you have here and now two options more: All 99 calendars so that is to say the 33 composers calendars and the 33 Bach calendars, too is what you may discover on a special page of the Renate Bach Publishing House website, and a promise: There is only rare text. Plus, you get to the shop from there. You also find the monthly pages in the shop of every single calendar, which is a total of 1,188 pages.


Alternatively, you are sure already that much, that you like one of the music calendars that much, that you want to purchase one. If so, then click to the shop of the "Bach 4 You" publishing house directly. That is possible with a click here: To the shop.



So Why Are There No Music Calendars on the Internet?


The internet and sale of merchandise over the internet gets more and more exciting and more and more humans decide to buy that way in a very convenient way. The bottom line, however, is, that it is still a small percentage of goods that are sold via the internet. It is true for very special offers for instance, gifts for musicians so that is to say this and that, what music fans might love, is what you find to perfection on the internet in particular. However, the following is true for calendars: Even a miniature order has to "meet initially with interested folks on the internet". Next, the offer has to meet one's taste. Plus, the price must be perfect. And finally, customers have to be in a buying mood. So, this is true for just three months a year: In October, in November, and in December, which is the calendar busy season. If a calendar publishing company just sells a few out of hundreds or thousands of printed music calendars, the loss is huge. Let's face it: Just google music calendars. How many great music calendars in European style except those from "Bach 4 You" would you possibly find? One, maybe two? Or even three? Many, many have tried that. Two years ago, 5 years ago, even ten years ago. Now they know: There are no music calendars. However: Since 2016 it's not true anymore. That the word has to get around.


However we are not the only ones of course, there are exceptions. That is true for the subject of music calendars for children, too. As we mentioned earlier: Nor the author of these lines, nor the publishing house "Bach 4 You" have invented them: These music calendars. All 99 music calendars of the "Bach mission" are what we have invented! Plus, maybe most children's calendars related to the theme of music, too.

Bach calendars and Bach gifts, composers calendars and composers gifts learn more.

Music calendars for children ... or children's calendars with the subject of music: Whatever you want to call them. One is for sure: This is not the kitten calendar that will sell in the thousands. On the other hand, this kitten-making-music-calendar is as cute as can be. Check on the monthly pages with a click here. Or hop to the shop to experience all 99 music calendars plus all 1.188 monthly pages. One last hint: Have you ever heard of a St. Valentine's Day calendar or a Mother's Day calendar? Curious? Music calendars: three sizes, EU + US style, 2023 + 2024. To the shop.



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