You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

Five Musical Bach Sons = Four Famous Bach Sons, Two Even More Famous than Their Dad 

"Daddy and sons" = six really good musicians.



Okay, let's explore that together absolute precisely in a "nitpicker style". So first, we determine, that five sons of ten children, who survived, were musical. Even very musical. Because only, if you are very musical, you can become a musician, organist, music teacher or perform music in a band. They were five. Because there was Bernhard. Bernhard obviously was something like the black sheep in his family (... I know, there is no such black sheep in your family. Plus there is no such black sheep in my family, too. However, in many families there is such a black sheep anyway). Bernhard caused his father much pain and Johann Sebastian Bach himself wrote a letter to his friend and called him the badly brought-up son. Finally, Bernhard ran away from his final job as a musician, and he let his father pay his debt, too.


Bach had much more fun with his other musical sons. It was a total number of four and he had too musical sons with Maria Barbara, his first wife and two musical sons with his second wife Anna Magdalena.

Nope, a boy group that is what the famous Bach sons have never been.


Now you really get some information, who you may "shine", when you accomplish your essay, your presentation or your homework: Almost nobody knows, that two – yes, there were actually two Bach sons – that was more famous at their time as their father – at his era. Plus the two other sons were, where they performed music, famous as well. Now it's getting a little complicated. Because today, no one at all knows the names of these four sons, if you don't know at least, that Johann Sebastian Bach had children at all.


Okay, how did such a thing work? How do I start to explain? So ... today, every once in while a new style of music comes into fashion. Or a boy group or a girly band, too. There was a time when nobody knew hip hop, later many people did. It was same with Rock'n Roll. Plus there was a time when the Beatles made music in a totally new sound, later it was ABBA. It's a little similar back then, however the eras, until a next change was due, were longer than today. There were so-called epochs: They built in a special style, clothes were cool in a special way. Plus you can easily relate music to those time epochs. You call it fashion – still today. You can easily realize it when it comes to automobiles or the clothing on humans on slides or even earlier on black and white photo prints with hackly edges.


So Johann Sebastian Bach firstly was an excellent organ player during his lifetime and in the final phase of his life, the first experts realized, that he probably was the best musician and composer of a whole epoch. This epoch was the back then so-called baroque or baroque epoch. Now, these examples "limp" a little, because the baroque era lasted full 200 years. Today, even the coolest boy band isn't hip for such a long time and no music style remains hot for such a long time. However back then – they lived in the baroque epoch for some 200 years. And it was a really huge accident, that Johann Sebastian Bach died – by the rule of the thumb – exactly in the last years until the baroque period ended, that name was in the year 1750. Bach died in 1750.


So now something happened, what created a misunderstanding for some folks – that is what I tell you on the brink – and it had to do with the change of general taste. So Johann Sebastian Bach created music, absolutely matching to the taste of the epoch era. However, the baroque era ended shortly after Bach's death. After that, people wanted to hear something different and Bach's dreamlike music suddenly wasn't interesting anymore for any person. Because nobody wanted to listen to it anymore, no orchestra played it anymore, no musician and no band. They forgot about this music. It wasn't really lost. So, it's not like the Sphinx in Egypt, which they dug out or the Roman's castles and settlements in nowadays Europe. Because nobody wanted to listen to it anymore, nobody played Bach's music anymore. And shortly after that, nobody knew Bach anymore. And "the old Bach", how King Friedrich II of Prussia called him, nobody knew him as well soon.

They celebrated the Bach sons from Milan, Italy to London, United Kingdom and from Berlin and Potsdam to Hamburg in Germany. And two were considered even more famous than their dad.



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Bachs four sons already composed and performed their music in the style that was considered exciting after the baroque era. Of course not before the year 1750. And they were successful, too. Plus because the sons performed abroad as well, one son even at the court of King Frederick of Prussia, later he was a star in Hamburg – another son was firstly the Milan Bach and later the London Bach at the same time. So now they compared the famousness of the five Bachs, of course, everybody's in his time. Two sons won that "competition" clearly. Today the result is a different one.


Nobody wanted to know anything about Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Sebastian Bach's music anymore in the first decades after his death. And that was true for 80 years. It's a really hefty long time. However, after 80 years there was one Bach enthusiast, who was an exceptionally gifted musician, too. And he thought that meanwhile, the time was due, to prove to the world, that Bach's music wasn't perfect for the taste in the baroque era only, but it was a timeless quality. Complicated? Well, just think about that. a song, which you consider cool today: What do you believe, will it still be cool in half a year? Or after one year? And what about, if 10 years have gone, in 50 or even in 100 years? If a song or all songs of a band are still hot after 30 or 40 years, then next singers perform this particular song in their style - again and again, older generations speak of a golden oldie (... in Germany they call it "evergreen" ...). Just ask your grandfather what "Beyoncé feat. Milli Vanilli" means. So now, we found out that – on average – you don't remember a composer or his work or his songs after many years or even decades.


Back to the four famous and well-known Bach sons. After a short time, their music as well wasn't cool for most people anymore ... and no human performed the works anymore. And it goes without saying that the public forgot all four sons after their death really quickly.


However, Johann Sebastian Bach's work was revived by this unique and world-famous composer and musician as well. Exactly 100 years after the world premiere of the world-famous "St. Matthew Passion" this unique wonder work of music was world premiered – so to speak – just a little shorter, as Felix Mendelssohn thought, his audience might be a little confused because of the length and couldn't follow. 100 years later. On the very day- because it was Good Friday again – back then, too and probably even to the same hour. Much, really much much later they found out, that over the decades they were wrong about the year of the world premiere: Today they know, the second world premiere was exactly 101 years later.


By the way: The press back then didn't write a single word about the world premiere the next morning. Nothing about the world premiere of the music works, that many humans consider the most genius music work on earth and of all times. So this premiere was a memorable day, exactly 101 years after Bach's presentation. This exactly introduced the time, which they call the "Bach Renaissance" today, the rebirth of the excitement for Bach's work. Since that well-defined day, Bach and his music work now grow even more and more famous.


That this St. Matthew Passion is one of the most genius music works of mankind is what I didn't figure out. It is the statement of numerous tributes of scientists, politicians, musicians, artists, and important personalities in some 250 years about this exception musician Johann Sebastian Bach.

Here again, the black sheep of the family is permitted again. Bernhard probably didn't mean to be bad ... and he surely didn't want to offend his dad. So, do you still remember how famous they were? Bernhard not all. Two sons were well-known in the region where they worked. Two brothers were very famous and dad, the one on the far left, today is more famous than all the other musicians.


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