You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

Johann Sebastian Bach for Children Age 11 to14 Years


Right up front, there is most definitely one of four reasons why you "ended up" here. First: You googled. In fact, there's almost no other way to get around here anyway. Second, you are already interested in Johann Sebastian Bach. In general or because you have already talked with classmates, and now you are interested in the answer to a certain question. Or thirdly: You can't get past the Classical Composers at school at the moment ... unfortunately ( ? ). The fourth option: Your music teacher has recommended this website to you ... and now you are here. A warm welcome to you.


Here on this website, I imagined it that way anyway. Oh, and by the way, who "I" am, you can see with just one click here. And there you scroll to the end of the page. Above the advertisement, you will learn something about me.


All children, or rather almost all children in the industrialized nations, are growing up with the Internet. And just as they used to look things up in an encyclopedia on paper, they now google them. If you want to know something. By the way ... of course, more and more children outside the highly developed countries are also growing up with the Internet.


But unfortunately, the internet is now so full of information that it is often not so easy to find the best website on a particular topic. Although Google really helps with that.



You Do Not Find Many Adult Topics Also Especially Prepared for Children


It is getting even more difficult if children and teens are looking for exciting websites in subjects, which actually grown-ups are interested in only.


That's why I think you simply have to prepare the topic a little bit. Think a little like children do, including you. And adjust to it. But I also believe that a topic doesn't have to be prepared in a "child-friendly" way for children over a certain age. Of course, it's different for children at the age of ten. For them, it should simply be a little more exciting, a little cooler, a little more relaxed. You simply have to find the "boredom in the subject" and then remove it. And what finally comes out of it is sometimes quite exciting even for adults.


And more serious is always possible. For those who in addition are looking for a more serious than the "fluffy" style of my website, there are hints. There you can find the most demanding music, the most detailed Bach biography of the world's best Bach connoisseur and the most intensive Bach family research.

First Easy ... And Later Challenging


With my Bach website for children I realize my idea and my experience that such a difficult topic as Johann Sebastian Bach can be experienced much more exciting with some accompaniment ... just with this, my website. And now I'll stop ... with the preface.



From This Point, We Start Johann Sebastian Bach for Children Age 11 Years until 14 Years ... Round About


To the point: Johann Sebastian Bach is the "light figure" in the most famous musical family on earth. And the Bachs have been the greatest musical family for about 300 years. By many Johann Sebastian Bach is considered the best musician of all time. But ultimately, of course, this is a matter of taste. "Light figure" means "the most important and so much more significant person" than all other people in a group of people, for example, a family.


Bach was married twice and had 20 children, but about half of them died at birth or in the first years of life. He married for the second time because his first wife died at the age of only 35. Bach married again after that. Four of his sons also became very famous musicians, two of them – in their time – even more famous than their father. More than 1,100 works by Johann Sebastian Bach have been preserved. However, it is assumed that he composed more than 10,000 works at that time.


No, we get to the promised "guidepost".


First, the life of Johann Sebastian Bach. There are several ways to learn about it. The most convenient way is to click on the play button of the video below: then open eyes and ears for nine minutes. After that, you already know quite a lot about him .

The video about the life of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Good, especially for children: After only nine minutes, you already know a lot about the musician from Eisenach in Thuringia, Germany.



Regarding "guidepost part 2": After watching the video, you know roughly know the course of the composer's life. And now it depends on how much and what you want to know about him in addition. You can read about his music in the next section. A bit more information can be found elsewhere on this website. You can get there by clicking here. You don't have to write a homework or a project about Bach (... because you would have been on this page already), but there is some information about where you can find it. And then there is "Bach on Bach", which means that I – with the name Bach – write and entertain about the composer with the same name.


Take a lot of time at Bach on Bach to explore in the navigation, which areas could be exciting for you at your age, too. And there is the "FAQ", roughly translated as "just the usual questions". You can study those, too. Third, you can also read a somewhat longer, short biography of me. There is much, much less in it than in a real biography, but much, much more than you already learned in the video. And: I'm sure you'll like some really cool Bach videos I found for you on the internet.


Music ...  By Johann Sebastian Bach? And With That Cool Pictures?


Just how ... how do you find the best among more than 1,100 musical works by Johann Sebastian Bach? For example, to determine whether you might like Bach's music ... or not. It's simple: You rely on the taste of thousands of people. You then search the internet and use YouTube and of course Google to find out which are the most popular and which are the best known works by Johann Sebastian Bach. I've already done that for you.


I have found 33 pieces, only one of which I like a little less than the other 32 pieces. This is – firstly – a compilation that you won't find anywhere else: not on the internet, not on a CD and not on a DVD or for streaming.


My favorite pieces of music are those that you've "kind of heard before" or works that you can hum along to after listening to them three or four times. That's how I like Classical Music best. In fact, I haven't been enthusiastic about it for that long. So for Bach's music and for Classical Music. Important regarding my 33 Bach titles: They are by no means "the best" compositions of Bach. That ... is not what I claim.


But in front of your PC, laptop, or on the go on your smartphone or tablet, you still have nothing to watch with Bach's music. In fact, not like in any current music video. There is missing "something for the eyes". And so we thought – my wife and I – that we could nicely put together some pictures here. And we chose some photo series especially for children. Not many – actually ... only two – but maybe that's not bad for a start. Afterwards, you can also try out whether you might also be interested in other topics: beautiful autumn foliage photos and pictures of American nature parks are not exclusively adult topics.


Here you can directly watch one of the videos I have put together for kids. And yes, you might be too old for cute kittens. But if you enjoy it enough, you can combine them yourself. There are 33 musical works by Johann Sebastian Bach and 33 photo series. And that makes how many Bach music videos now?

It's true, this work of Johann Sebastian Bach combined with the collection of "kitten" photos is really just something for little children ... at least I guess so.


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