You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

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Composers Calendars for Music Fans, Composers Calendars ... for Musicians and Composers Calendars for Kids and Teens


"Composer Calendars, nothing but composers calendars" was the initial headline for our 33 composers calendars, an offer by "Bach 4 You", the calendar publishing house in the "Johann Sebastian Bach mission" of two creative people from Flein near Stuttgart, in Southern Germany. However, now the page has a different title and that headline brings it to the point: It is a variety for everyone who loves classical music. It's the perfect selection for all composers lovers. Whether you are a musician, a music lover or you just look for a gift for a musician or music lover. There are composers calendars for every age, from conservative to cool and stylish, affordable or hot off the press, in three different sizes, landscape format, and upright format plus – that is especially important – all come in European format style, that is to say, poster format style. If you like, learn more about these formats here. However, it is always around the theme of music. That is true for all 33 composers calendars plus 66 more calendars.



Actually you are neither in the mood, nor have you clicked to this page, to read ... You want to explore composers calendars. That is possible with a hop to the shop.



One Value Priced Composers Calendar Plus Three Monthly Pages: You Have the Choice Between 3 Sizes

Composers calendars and more composers calendars: There are 33 of them. Six of them are value-priced composers calendars, 27 are "hot off the press". 2023 + 2024.

Find many of these music calendars also in the 50:50 style, which is the US style on "Zazzle" learn more.


January in this value price composers calendar. So, are you already interested in what "value-priced" and what "hot off the press" mean? Read more about that too. 2023 + 2024.

The month of April in this value-priced composers calendar. All – so not just three – monthly pages is what you can discover in the shop: Click here. After you clicked, chose the section "composers calendars", next is click on the pic of your favorite calendar, scroll down and here they are: all twelve monthly pages. 2023 + 2024.

Almost finally on this page now the September in this favorable composers calendar: Mr. Strauss, son, waltz king. What ... a beard. Sensational. Your choice: 2023 or 2024.  --

Finally, the month of October in this composers calendar. 2023 + 2024. Discover all the monthly pages of this composer calendar in the publishing house. To the shop.  --



Value Priced vs. Hot Off the Press: Six Great Composers Calendars ... Plus 27 Further Cool Composers Calendars


Value priced versus hot off the press. What does it mean? We love 6 of our composers calendars in particular, and we think they came out so good, that we believe they might be the ones, which many musicians and music fans will love, too. That is why the little Renate Bach publishing house risks having a tiny number of copies printed. In three sizes and European format styles, the sizes are 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches, and 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches. Starting as early as 3 calendars, the publishing house can order at a lower price compared to buying just one calendar, and the publishing company is able to hand this advantage down to you.


All other 27 composers calendars are not much more expensive. However, just a little, indeed. We order one copy, whenever somebody orders one. That doesn't take a long time, however, it takes just a little longer. We are not as fast as Amazon. Plus, we don't deliver by drones. And the value-priced calendars are what you get real quick. However, again ... not with drones, too.

The composers calendar. Plus our number 1 of all composers calendars of the publishing house ever. You get this one already since 2015. What impressive motives plus what a great resolution this is. Even in 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, you are able to read the newspaper pages, if you are able to read German ... of course. In 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches, it is an eye-catcher in every apartment, house, office, and waiting area. What if you check on three monthly pages right here? Or you explore all twelve in the shop. Order it in 2023 or 2024.



Just a Reminder: There Are Two Calendar Styles!


August in one of the really traditional but cool composers calendars. Three sizes. 2023 + 2024. To the shop.

September in a really cool composers calendar (2023 + 2024) ...

... and finally December in the oldest "composers calendar on duty" of the Renate Bach Publishing House, "Bach 4 You". Three sizes. 2023 + 2024. To the shop.



Composer Calendars and More Composers Calendars. For Musicians and Music Fans, for Old Folks and Young Folks, for Serious People and for Creative Punchinellos Like Us


If you, like the author of these composers calendars, just get into his head, to fool around with numbers somehow, in this case, it's the number 33, then you have to face the fact in the middle of the project, how to create 33 themes related to the subject of composers. Without repeating yourself. However, that is what you solve by addressing different age groups, plus you address different serious folks and finally, you try to address real different tastes to the point. It helps dramatically if you do so for almost one year, day and night, and again and again. What came out with this – aside from all research and more – is what you can experience: Just a little on his page or you take advantage of two more options:


One is, you get to all 99 calendars related to the subject of music, so this includes the composers calendars of course. Or you click here and get to the shop. There you will find 33 composers calendars, 33 Bach calendars, and 33 music calendars for grownups, teens, and children.


The composers calendar with the "touch of blue" (2023 and 2024) ...

... this composers calendar fits perfectly in a modern black and white living room. Three sizes. 2023 or 2024 ...

... this is actually one of the most traditional composers calendars on the left part. However, it's modern on the right. Actually, it's sort of the best of both worlds ... Order it for 2023 or 2024.

... plus this is a perfect composers calendar if you actually prefer traditional stuff. However, you like that little blue everywhere. Order it for 2023 or 2024. To the shop.

This composers calendar is really not traditional.

... and then when the year is finally over in 365 days and you are looking for a next composers calendar (... for example for this rather conservative one), then you can also cut out these blue-grey-white musicians (... from above), frame them and decorate a music room or a waiting room with them quite perfectly. This year or next, 2023 or 2024.  --


Composer Calendars and More Composers Calendars: Do They Really Cover Tastes from Traditional to Ultra-Cool?


Why don't you just assure yourself in two steps? First, you check on the six next motives: Three composers calendars are really cool, hip, and stylish, the perfect choice for little alternative music lovers. Next, there are three calendars, and they are perfect for you if you think that folks should wear festive clothes on a festive event ... just an example, you do know what we mean, don't you?! First, the three composers calendars "with a big junk of respect".

Twelve paintings are painted from scratch. In one style. From historic paintings. So they are noble and of high quality, and they match each other. Order it for 2023 or 2024. To the shop.

Composers calendars and seriousness: It's almost not better possible in such a combination. You really should discover the twelve monthly pages. Please click on one of the shop buttons and decide on 2023 or 2024.

Notably serious but really creative: 12 composers are scanned in the best quality from wood engravings and arranged in a way so that every composer "remains present" several times over the months. Mt. Rushmore in the USA says hello ... There is a 2023 edition and a 2024 edition.  To the shop.



Composer Calendars, Many Cool Composers Calendars


... so, now three more examples of hip, cool and stylish versions of this fascinating theme of music. Experiencing more that is to say, exploring the monthly pages is what works via our shop. Click. Decide for the composers calendars section. Chose your favorite calendar, scroll down. Discover, experience, have fun.

Great colors, great composers ... what a composers calendar: You just have to explore the monthly pages. 2023 or 2024.

Thousands of music gifts, and you support our mission even if you buy from another supplier there learn more.

This calendar is – so to speak – our "piercing" among the cool composers calendars. 2023 + 2024 + in the years after.

A composers calendars, once really different. We actually have several of those. Why not swim against the stream? We have managed that twelve times in this calendar. Would you like to see the others? The other monthly pages? By the way, there are 396 monthly pages related to the theme of composers. Plus 33 composers calendars: Three sizes, European + US style, 2023 + 2024. To the shop.



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