You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

Johann Sebastian Bach for Children. However: Who Is Bach Now After All?

This isn't Johann Sebastian Bach of course. However, it's a great picture on a website about Johann Sebastian Bach for children. And what the composer back then looked like, that is what people aren't really sure about today. There are many pictures of him, however, they believe that only one shows the composer, how he really looked like. It's the one of Elias Gottlob Haussmann. But please forget about that name right away, please.



Johann Sebastian Bach Made Music


How did you hear the first time about Johann Sebastian Bach? Did you learn to play a music piece of him on a musical instrument? Have you been in a concert and there you heard his name. Or did you talk about classical composers in school and that was the way you met him?  Would you like to hear one of Bach's music works first? That is possible here and now. To make it more exciting, we that is my wife Renate and I have chosen photos, which you can watch while you are listening. We call it photo collection. Here you get to 33 music works ... there you can choose. First decide for one music work, even if you don't know, what you chose because you most probably don't know all the titles. After that, you decide on a photo collection, a photo theme. Okay, perfect for children are just two photo collections. Namely the photos of kittens and the photos of puppies. However, maybe you already like themes, too which are provided for grownups. However, children might like them as well already. For instance pictures of winter, of forest and trees, of flowers and blossoms.

One example that Renate and I decided for you: Our video suggestion. Listen to the music by Johann Sebastian Bach and watch the cutest kitten on the planet.


However, there is another way, too. Just to get an idea of Bach's music: Here – that is to say – on this website – you have the option to listen to 33 works of Johann Sebastian Bach real quick. Always just a short portion. On the other hand, you get 33 in just 5 minutes. Some 5 minutes.



The Navigation to Your Left


If you scroll back on this page, that is to say to the top, then you see the navigation to your left. You knew that I know. In the navigation, all is well arranged. If you are already six or seven years old or even older however not yet 11 or 12, than this page of my website for you is the best. Finally, you found it in no time if not, you wouldn't read here.


The next two pages on my website are created for children, that are older than you. Sure, there, everything sounds a little more grown up. However, by far not the complicated like on a website particularly for grownups. My website for children is different. However, it's not that easy, to create one website for younger kids, for moderate age children and for teens among you. I tried it anyway because I would love to inform about Johann Sebastian Bach and I want to introduce it to you. Best would be I could introduce him to all humans. And part of "all humans" are of course ... children.


Even better: Johann Sebastian Bach has made so beautiful music more than 200 years ago, that it would be a pity if you until you are grown up never would have tried out, how great his music actually is. Because later in life, you make acquaintance with so many new things in life, that sometimes you need half a life, three-quarters of a life and sometimes even a whole life, to meet actually it's really much too late how terrific the music of Johann Sebastian Bach is. By the way: It's possible, as well, to find two kinds of music good and exciting. For instance, the music of Bach and the music of Justin Bieber. Or the music of Bach and the music of Lady Gaga.

One more music works, that I selected for you kids. Plus, I decided on another photo collection. So with both, it's fun to meet the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.



Actually, I Wanted to Tell You More About the Navigation


Well, maybe you might want to know, who " I " am, that is possible via the navigation in the biography section on the left: "About us". Talking about that: There's a much easier option. Just click the button and learn more.

This website for children under 10 years of age offers kaes two offers. The first option is, to know exactly from now, where you can learn really everything about that terrific composer Johann Sebastian Bach, namely on "Bach on Bach". If you are just a little interested just because there are much more exciting themes for kids than maybe the information for older children is perfect, and you just check whether it's good for you too. Or, you have questions, like many children have: Who is the daddy of Johann Sebastian Bach? Or: How many children did Bach have and how much music has he composed? There is this mentioned above huge website about Johann Sebastian Bach. Not particularly for children, but for grownups and teens too. Plus it's perfect for pupils, students and for all Bach starters, who want to learn something about the composer. On this Johann Sebastian Bach website, there is one section with the name of "FAQ". FAQ like "Frequently Asked Questions". There you will find "truckloads" of answers. That is the first option for you, how to learn more about the great musician Johann Sebastian Bach. Here you get to these FAQ, with a click on the button.

So, did you like the first two videos with Bach's music works? Then there is a third here for you. However, the photo collection is really different. If you like this combination as well, plus you had fun watching it than here's now a suggestion, how you may experience the music of Johann Sebastian Bach relaxed. However most themes are selected for grownups, however, there are some, which might be exciting for children, too. With a click here, you are on that website about Johann Sebastian Bach for grownups and older children. There you won't find just three or five or ten music works. Nope, it's a number of 33. And these are not just any music works of Johann Sebastian Bach. These are the 33 most popular and most well-known music works of him. You can be almost sure, that you will like them. If ... yes if you listen to them just two or three times. You will like some of them right away. There is no difference, if you are a grownup or whether you belong to the range of children. Click here and you are there.

I know, such castles are not 100 percent such a cool theme for children. However, the most important is, it's about the music. And three minutes is not too long to watch it. Plus, try to check whether you realize, how perfect music piece and these pictures of castles match together. It's easy to imagine a prince's orchestra in one of those large ceremonial rooms of a palace back then. Plus a duke or even king with his lovely bride. At a wedding.


If You Want to Learn Just a Little About Johann Sebastian Bach Real Quick, It's Possible Here in 9 Short Minutes

A biography to either listen to or watch it: Such a thing is only possible created by a goofy like I am.


Do You Just Want to Pre Check 33 of 1,100 Music Works of Johann Sebastian Bach Real Quick? That Is Possible Here to Perfection and You Need Just 333 Seconds

Renate, my wife, thought, it would be a crazy idea. I found it funny, to mix a sampler, where you can explore 33 music pieces of Bach in just 333 seconds. Just as an appetizer. You can't get a first impression faster about the greatest music work on earth. However, don't tell your parents about that sampler (... yes you can, I am a funny maker. However it's too hard to explain now). Plus tell nobody about that sampler who – really – loves classical music.

A Proposal, Just in Case, You Want to Learn Even Much More About Johann Sebastian Bach

I believe, if you are between six years and ten years old than two of my pages on the website for grownups actually already perfect for you. That is first the section with these many questions and answers (FAQ). This section is specially designed for students and children of your age when I thought of the questions. After that even I had to struggle really hard with the answers. Plus I had to research in books. Plus sometimes I had to ask my wife Renate when it is about the family of musicians. Three times, yes ... three times I had to call real Johann Sebastian Bach specialists and send them a mail. These experts are living in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany and in Leipzig in Saxony. They can always help you. So that is to say ... when it's about Johann Sebastian Bach. They love to help grownups, but I am absolutely sure: If children like you give them a call and ask for an answer, then they will love to help you. It's best if you tell them your age. Then you will realize, they love to help you. In Eisenach, I know the director and the musical pedagogue of the Bachhaus (Bach House) there. Two cool grownups. Both helped me much with all aspects of my project. Plus yes, the experts in Leipzig in the Bach Archive did so, too.


Until you click to one of those two websites, just read the next paragraph on this page.


The second chapter on my website für grownups that is to say "Bach on Bach" is the section with much of the music: Here you can explore 33 music works in full length however, it's not longer than 4 or 5 minutes. None of the music works is too long. No worry – it's not supposed to become boring.


Plus you might have fun with the Bach videos, which I found on the internet for all Bach fans, students, and children. Why don't you try it now? Watch one of those special Bach videos: Some are funny, some are just cool. Click on the button. However, keep in mind there: The videos are really far down that page. So, you either scroll a while or you click on the link on top of the page.

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