You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

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Gifts for Musicians and More Gifts for Musicians: 99 Really Cool Music Calendars and Many Exciting Bach Gifts, Too!

Gifts for musicians. So, you are looking for gifts for musicians? Gifts for musicians, for little music fans, or gifts for musicians for big music fans? Hey parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, godparents, brothers and sisters: Is one of the kids in your family making the first contact to classical music in particular or to playing an instrument in general? Here – in this ad – you might find a really special, cool and stylish gift idea. As we – I as the owner of a tiny publishing house and my husband – try to refinance our meanwhile gigantic "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission", we came  step by step  to the impression, that calendars with the theme of music might fit both: A pedagogical support to excite kids for music even more. Plus asking for your support my husband's project, "Bach on Bach". And our common mission: I almost forgot ... by the way music calendars are a perfect decoration for your home or just ... a great gift for musicians.


Actually ... you wanted to get to the shop? And that is to say now? That's possible with a click on the shop button.



This is one of the calendars of the publishing house. However: We might not suggest this calendar for the age, you were looking for. Okay, there are more calendars related to the age from 4 to 22. Of course, young adults age 22 are no children anymore, not even teens. There is a total of some 150 Bach gifts for musicians to explore in the shop. Gifts for musicians for big music fans and gifts for musicians for ... little music fans. Three sizes. US + EU style. 2023 + 2024.

1,000 Bach gifts or 10,000 Bach gifts? Learn more.



Why Is That Promotion Page Right Here?

This page is actually not designed for you, kids. However, it's here for grownups, which come along here. That is to say, parents, grandparents, teachers, musicians, classical music fans and in particular ... for music fans. Plus – actually, too – this page was supposed to have the name "gifts for musicians, gifts for musicians and more gifts for musicians". Or "Bach calendars, composers calendars and music calendars". The first option seemed to be too much of a good thing. With the second headline, on the other hand, all Bach gifts would have "disappeared". And that is just not appropriate on a Bach website. And so the headline is, like it is, at the top of the page. However, that is not the answer to the question ... in the headline: Why is this special promotion page here after all?


Well, our "Bach mission" – the mission is a combination of the project "Bach on Bach" by Peter Bach, Jr.  several websites, and this is one of them  and the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You" – it costs a real lot of money: Firstly there are those many, many illustrations. These are pictures  modern ones and age-old  exciting plus historic, expensive and cheap ones: They all have to be bought before we can scan them or take photos, to publish them after that step. Here € 10, there € 5 and sometimes it's much, much more than these two small amounts. It's a total of dozens, if not even hundreds, of tiny and larger amounts of money, which add to a pretty large sum. Than all the cost for travel adds, because from Flein, close to the town of Heilbronn in Southern Germany we first have to drive to Ansbach, to Paris, France, and to Prague and to the "Land of the Bache" – around Erfurt, Thuringia – before we can take photos of the Bach monuments there. Plus we have to spend the night there every once in a while if we can not make a round trip plus taking photos in one go. Or, if the weather report was the opposite of what we experienced and it rained in buckets instead of having bright sunshine.

The Emoji Calendar "Musical Emojis" is one of the music calendars for the littlest music fans. Not everybody will like that design and that is actually not necessary after all. The main issue is that you like one of the gifts for musicians on this page real much. Then we find that result cool. 2023 + 2024. To the shop.

It seems to be the same music calendar for children as earlier on this page. However, one very important detail is different. You can color this calendar on your own and after that, it's the perfect and self-made gift for grandma and grandpa. Two options: 2023 or 2024. Three sizes. EU + US style.


Do you want to read less text, and you want to see more gifts of the publishing house with one click and not that much scrolling? That is possible here with a quick click to get there. If you are there, you first have a choice regarding all gifts for musicians plus you have the choice whether to discover the composers calendars first, the music calendars or the music calendars for children and teens. Plus, they are there, too: The Bach gifts.


Even More Costs ... However: Is There a Solution, Too?

Of course, it doesn't stop with the expenses for illustrations. Plus trips are causing just a fraction of the expenses, too. We have to add here a small donation, so we could get permission to take photos in a church inside, and there we had to buy a Bach book, in which we hoped to discover important details related to the Bach genealogy. After all the family research in the matter of "family of musicians" costs pretty much. Here a bottle of wine as a thank you, there a small to a moderate fee for research in an archive. Here small archive fees, at a different location it's pretty high. The service of a professional genealogist, he is our friend meanwhile, is actually really low – by the way: It would be the same amount for you – however, it just adds up. A really exciting project triggers really exciting expenses: It is a long-planned scientific DNA check among members of different Bach family branches. With the hope, that this finally brings more clarity in the relationship of today living Bachs and the descendants of Veit Bach from Wechmar.


Here there are cool music calendars for the littlest among the very little music fans. There is not just one "Cute Little Animal Band", which performs music, there is a kitten band and a puppy band too. Plus, little elephants make music and little pandas, too. Well, if this variety is not broad enough to include any favorite little animal. 2023 + 2024. US + EU style. To the shop.

The music calendar for kids with doggies making music (... that is calendars with doggies making music, of course). Is this then a doggie music calendar? Why not click briefly over to the store and take a look at all six music calendars in this style, plus the 72 monthly sheets? To make this really convenient for you, here is the link to it right away. There you choose the right "corner" of the offers, click on the most exciting calendar and then scroll to the bottom of the page. In fact, on this page there are all the other musician gifts and more musician gifts. 2022, 2023, 2024 and then later also 2025. --

It Goes Without Saying: On a Page for Children, You Find Music Calendars for Children First. But There Are 66 More!

If you want a quick summary about all 99 music calendars, which might become a gift for musicians with your purchase that is what you won't find here. But you can click yourself to that website easily. So you actually have only two choices here. If you think, you might purchase one, please visit the shop. If you are not thrilled by the calendars earlier that page and just want to check whether to make a calendar your next gift for a musician, please click here.

Beethoven says hello: One of the value-priced composers calendars on the right. However, not until you order a copy, this composers calendar will become a music gift or a gift for a music fan. How good, that this design is a value-priced composers calendar in all three sizes. And yes, you get this composers calendar 2023 and 2024, too. To the shop. And the calendar on the left? It's the value priced pipe organ calendar.

Just a little reminder … learn more.


Plus: "Bach 4 You" does not just offer cool and stylish music calendars, but conservative ones too. Four major groups of interested folks will be happy after learning more about this unique publishing house with its offer: First music calendars for music lovers and even better friends of music lovers. Second composers calendars for all who love classical music. Next is our specialty, which is Bach calendars for all Bach lovers and finally there are the above already mentioned music calendars for children, little children, older children, teens and young adults.

Yes, we really do have traditional-style calendars too. This is one of them. This is a calendar for lovers of historic stuff: It comes with 12 front pages of historic German weekly newspapers. Learn more about all our 99 music calendars, which might be "one of your next gifts for musicians in your life". For the first time in 2016 and now in 2023 or 2024.



2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 ... it doesn't matter, when you come along here: This first of all composers calendars are published again in every oncoming year, so that is to say next year, too. Again and again and again. So, actually, you have no stress with your decision, which calendar you want to make a gift for musicians this year. And which perfect gift for musicians you create next year. All 99 music calendars are what we want to offer over many, many years. Even if we take one or another from the list, to replace it with a different one even more creative, you could order it anyway.


Value Priced or Hot Off the Press? 99 Cool Gifts for Musicians


To make your selection really easy, there are only European style calendars around. Not 50:50 style calendars. If you like to learn more, read in the following paragraph. "Bach 4 You" is a teeny publishing house, and calendars are really perishable goods. That is why "Bach 4 You" offers their calendars so differently. From 9 calendars, "Bach 4 You" orders a small edition and stores them. All the other 90 calendars are printed on request and to perfection. As the number of ordered calendar copies plays a big role, when it comes to prices, the publishing house can order the small edition much more inexpensive than if the order is just one or two. Now, you profit from the management's and the creative's decision if you like one of these nine. To check out real quick, which calendars are the nine value priced, please click here.

Hurrah, one of the value-priced nine calendars of the publishing house, too. It's cool, it's stylish, and it's inexpensive. What can you want more from a gift for musicians? Options: 2023 + 2024. Three sizes. EU + US style.

Only a few years after the almost innumerable (... not really now ...) music calendars were created, we "invented" two more calendars on the theme of the famous tone poets. But these two calendars are quite different from the 33 composers calendars that the Publishing House offered before: The composers calendars always feature twelve different composers on the pages from January to December. This is different with the 33 Bach calendars. There are twelve Bach motifs in each case, which match the calendar title. Finally, the Beethoven calendar (... above) and the Mozart calendar (... below) were created. In these two calendars in the composers edition, there are twelve motifs each for Beethoven and Mozart, respectively. 2023 + 2024. To the shop, to discover the monthly pages? --

The Mozart calendar in the composers edition: 12 times Mozart in one calendar: conservative and modern pages.  Your option: 2023 and 2024.    --


Again, a whole year later, the Luther calendar was created. Why Luther? Because he was also a composer, what many people do not know. But that was not the real reason. The occasion was the publication of a "Luther manikin" by the toy company "Playmobil". And that was for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. A little later, these experts finally issued a Bach manikin. During the research for this Bach manikin, the creative people at the Publishing House also "dropped in on Luther" once again, and in a video about Luther's life, depicted with this Playmobil gnome, it was learned that this Luther figure, as it should be called a little more respectfully, is the most popular of all Playmobil figures. This led to the idea of a Luther calendar, even if Luther had not been a composer. But when it turned out that Luther was also a composer, the goal was defined: to find enough cool, very conservative motifs to publish a Luther calendar. Here you can explore the twelve monthly pages. --



A Final Calendar Paragraph, a Final Example: What Actually Is European Style Format, Which Is Poster Style Format?

Mostly, if you see a calendar in a mall or a books store or on Cafepress on the internet, you are excited by the front page. However, this tells only half the truth of what the calendar looks like on your wall later. Compare an offer 50:50 format style (... which is 50 % nice picture and 50 % "ugly?" calendar part).

In fact: If you find such a calendar, perhaps sealed in foil, you cannot tell at first from the cover page whether it is a calendar with a huge half-page grid or whether it is a European style calendar, that is poster style. In the U.S., it's most likely a 50:50 style calendar, as they are common "left of the Atlantic". In Europe it is a poster style calendar, just like they are common in Germany.    --

So far, so good. In the moment of your decision, both look equal. But what if it hangs on a wall in your home or apartment later? Check it out with the two pics below. In your mind!


Check the calendar above at the bottom of the monthly page: It's stepping in the background and "lets the work of art do its job". Finally, it's decoration, no tool on a wall. However, if you need a "tool", European style format is what you don't want. Please compare the pic above with the following pic. See how shy the calendar is on the page under the three composers?

Do you realize it? The priority of your "wall art" changes dramatically. It's no wall decoration anymore, but a place to make notes with a nice pic above. Is that the thing you wanted?

You can purchase these 50:50 calendars in US style and with a grid on "Zazzle" … learn more.

I promised to show you one more example of the value-priced calendars: Here, you see it in the pic above. From here – promise – No more calendar title page from here. Plus I will keep my promise! Promise again! Just one more will show up at the end of this page. Two options: 2023 + 2024.


Surprise, Surprise: Here Are Two Monthly Calendar Pages Too. So They Are no Calendar Titles. The Promise is Still Valid!

Explore all the 1,188 inside pages of all 99 calendars. They are all artworks and it's a trip into the world of my husband and me. This is as easy as 1-2-3: Click to the shop ... for example here ... then decide on a calendar style, then on a calendar theme, whether it's composer calendars, music calendars, Bach calendars or music calendars for children. Plus again a little reminder: There are the two sections, which are value priced calendars and hot off the press calendars. Decide for your calendar. Click on it. Now scroll down the page below the information about sizes and prices: There are the monthly pages and you can pretty much enlarge them, too. Why don't you try that out? Right now?


August in one of the composers calendars. Make this cool composers calendar, a gift for musicians with a lifespan of exactly one year. 2023 + 2024.


December in the Bach calendar: That is to say, the composers calendar with the historic weekly newspaper title pages and the Bach calendar with the twelve impressing Bach monuments. Two really great gifts for musicians. Decide for 2023 or 2024. To the shop.

A Small Appendix On All Calendars Among the Gifts for Musicians Page: Actually You Don't Find 99 Gifts for Musicians but 298 Gifts for Musicians. Next? Bach Gifts


Now, that the whole page is almost ready (... regarding calendars) yes I know you could edit one or the other sentence even better, but I should prefer my English in general and my English grammar in particular before I remember, that I didn't tell you, that actually you can order all calendars whether it's a value priced one or whether it's a hot off the press calendar - in three different sizes. That is 8.3. inches by 11.7 inches. Next is 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches. And finally, it's 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches.


Plus: We didn't tell about the gigantic rebates. Believe it or not, it starts with15 %, when you order two calendars. And it's a whopping 40 % if you order 100 and up. Of course, the second offer is not for those who have 101 friends who love music and you are looking for 101 gifts for musicians. It's for orchestras, choirs, societies, companies, festivals for resale and more possibilities.


Now here's the final important question. Is this a website with more gifts for musicians than just music calendars? What about Bach gifts? Yeah, how did you find that out? Of course, you can make Bach gifts your gift for musicians, and it works that way if you don't want to hand a gift to a musician, but a music enthusiast. How could we forget those  our Bach gifts  which are gifts for musicians, too. Correct, plus gifts for music fans, too.


Gifts for Musicians: A Book about Johann Sebastian Bach and a Coloring Book about the Master from Eisenach, Thuringia

A cute book has come into being from an idea. That is to say a real Bach biography. However, it's for children. And what does that mean? It means that only the most important and the most exciting phases in Bach's life play a big role. So, not the time, in which the most important works of the composer were created. Along the way both little baroque cherubs Balthazar and Veit have a lot of fun. That book is perfect for parents and grandparents, too, who want to meet Johann Sebastian Bach a little closer. Maybe it's even the perfect book. As it is not only researched to perfection but in addition, it's written casual, easy and exciting. It's just fun. 

Searching for a Publishing Company or Publishing the Book on Our Own?

That actually is really exciting: Firstly to write a book on your own plus next being part of the way from the planning, the production of the first dummy, the research for a publishing house and finally to be present, when the copies are printed and all paper become "real books". That is, how you did it for decades and still do it today, when you first have not a clue, how everything works. However every future author of a first book realizes quickly, that it seems that the writing of the text is actually the easiest part of the whole project. The most difficult then is actually: The research for a publishing house. That is what can get really frustrating, if you haven't written a bestseller in the style of Harry Potter and delivered that in the past month.


And so we ... the author of the book and his wife ... had decided for an even more adventurous path: Instead of researching for a publishing company, we decided, to found one on our own and to learn the craft, "to produce a book".


So, the purpose, which was to refinance the expenses of the "Bach Mission" turned exactly into the opposite. That is to say with a show of strength, which consumed much time. Suddenly there is not only the writing of the biography and the learning how to produce a high quality crafted book and offers it professionally afterwards, but we realized when we received the bill for the first edition that the refinancing actually sort of disappeared much into the future. However, you are proud then. Very proud. All of those creatives who were part of the book project, as we didn't mention the illustrations yet. For the reason the project should remain a family product, Peter Bach's sister, Petra-Ines Kaune contributed the illustrations. If you as a novice author and as a young publishing house find a likeable printing company, that supports the project not only with a low price, but proofs in addition, that all believe in the success of the book, much less can go wrong. It remains of course exciting.


It seems most unfair, that it feels like it is one of the most difficult decisions of your life as the owner of a publishing company. If you offer the book for a too high proce, it seems the first edition is easier to pay off. If you manage to sell enough copies. However, if you offer the book at a too low price, it will be sold more often and it sells much faster. However, it then doesn't cover the expenses. It is really exciting, when you realized that in "real life". If you order one million copies, you could make a living from it. However, first you have to pay for that one million copies and finally - who thinks of such an option you have to store it. If you have only 100 copies printed, the sales price for one copy would be so high, that you would have those 100 copies for a real long time in your home. You would have to sell it at a real, real high price to ever pay off the printing bill. The storage place however ... would be no problem at all.



It's astounding, how exciting it is, as soon as you figured out: You want 176 pages, you want a brilliant quality of paper, you want a little picking belt, you want a superb print and you want to have it welded, as it than "looks just more significant". For those who love modern adventures writing a book and after that publishing that book exactly is the right thing.

By the way: This cute biography about Johann Sebastian Bach doesn't show up only on paper, but as an e-book plus as an exciting Audio book. Even in three versions. With no music, with a small portion of music and with much music ... of Bach, that goes without saying. Would you now like to listen to an audio example? It's rewarding and here that works in no time. In the shop. With one click. Ah, we almost forgot, there's a version for your tablet too: Hey, we are offering in cutting-edge technology.


You Actually Wanted to Learn More About that Cute Little Coloring Book, the Kid's Gift for Musicians, Now?

The Bach coloring book is one of the most exciting gifts for musicians in the publishing company, too. It came into being like the biography, too as a pure family project. Peter Bach. Jr. dreamt it up, and he produced the foundation for every single station in Bach's life. So, it's probably the shortest printed biography about Bach in some 17 sentences. In two languages: English and German. The cute paintings are all created by Briana Bach-Hertzog, she is much closer related to the composer from Thuringia as the author. Finally, Renate Bach and her "Bach 4 You" publishing house has contributed many more creative and technical production steps until you can buy this little coloring book and its sister project, two Bach kindergarten games. So, actually, you would love to see more pictures now? That is possible in the shop, and you get there with a click here.


Regarding the coloring book, we might offer you something really special, as it has its "very own" website meanwhile. There you can not only check on one example page but can explore them all. And that is possible even real large. Plus you can check on all of our coloring suggestions. You get there with just one click here.

By the way: The biography about Bach for children has its own website, too. You will find much, what you might want to know about this book. With a click, you are there for a little flying visit. However, after that you come back, don't you?! Promise? Meanwhile, you surely know what to do?!

So, because it is that absolutely uncommon, that single gifts for musicians have their own websites, here is a third link to the personal website of two cool Bach kindergarten games. All three websites are looking forward to your visit ... and we are pleased if you click. Enjoy the time there ... and please come back later.

One of two Bach kindergarten games. Gifts for musicians actually for a whole kindergarten – plus of course for the kindergarten teachers – if they want to join our mission in the matter of Bach and in the matter of classical music. How is that possible? Well, there is a separate website for this. You want to know it real short and already here? Okay, you buy such a game, you next hand it to the kindergarten of your trust or the kindergarten in your neighborhood as a gift and ... they rock'n roll.

Just two samples out of many, which you can make a gift for musicians with your purchase, are what we already want to present on this page. Because much text excluded we don't want to overdo it. This gentleman in the picture above from alabaster gypsum is what you don't find exclusively at "Bach 4 You". However, no other retailer needs the money to run a "Bach mission". Plus an insider tip there are gypsum heads of Bach around, that just don't look nice. At "Bach 4 You" you definitely get the most beautiful ones. That's what we think.

That now is really one of the coolest gifts for musicians in the matter of Johann Sebastian Bach: It is the complete edition of music works on 142 CDs. It is the actual edition, not any published a long time ago or even earlier. In addition, you get 16,800 music sheets of Johann Sebastian Bach's work (... add-on number one), which is the so-called "Alte Bach Gesamtausgabe" (... that is actually the name, however, it's nothing to listen to, but the note sheets). And finally you get seven more Add-ons, absolutely free, already enclosed in the prize.  --



So? Did we promise too much? Would have been "gifts for musicians, gifts for musicians, nothing but gifts for musicians" may be the better headline for that page? Who knows that?! Thank you so much, that you are still here and that you "hang on" so long. So, now. Do you consider clicking on one of the shops?


Five Bach shops … learn more.

Rights, a children's calendar. However ... maybe it's actually a children's calendar for older children. Or ... a children's calendar for children, that really are no kids anymore. So, we better leave that open ... no doubt it is ... again and now really for the last time? Correct, a gift for musicians. Are you late or early ... or just in the calendar season? This composers calendar in the Warhol style is available 2023 + 2024. Three sizes, US + EU style. To the Shop.



End ... of Advertisement ... of Commercial ... of Promotion



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