You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.
You see 5 children, two boy, three girls. On the left is the oldes boy, next is the oldest girl. Next is a girl, than a boy again and finally a girl. They are on the floor and they are looking to the photographer. All children are smiling.

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Yes, You May Purchase All Pipe Organ Calendars, Music Calendars, Composers Calendars and All Bach Calendars Also in a Grid Version (50:50)


A huge button will help you find many, many of our music calendars in this grid version. It's below the Giuseppe Verdi calendar page. Or just click here and choose "Zazzle" on the next website page.

It was late in our project and Mission when we found out that, in fact, 99 out of 100 calendars in the U.S. are offered like the one pictured above: the top 50 percent is the artwork, photo or design; the bottom 50 percent is the calendrical, which is the grid for entering memories, birthdays and appointments.

You will find not only find 50:50 calendars, respectively brochure calendars or also US-style calendars, that is composers calendars, Bach calendars and music calendars in our Publishing House Shops, but hundreds if not thousands of other music and Bach gifts in four additional Publishing House Places ... learn more here.


This is what a monthly page of a calendar "European style" looks like. The small calendrical on the left side with the number for the month of the year is just a design part. There is actually no place to put an appointment, date or reminder. The point behind this is not to use this poster style calendar as a tool. It is a decoration. On the other hand, this piece of art fits perfectly in a guest bathroom, a living environment, a reception area or the waiting room of a lawyer, doctor or consultant. Most wall calendars in the US are quite different.

The days in a section on the left, the number instead of the month, the indication of who it is and the signature of the artist who designed these "splash compositions" ... everything is a part of the total work of art.


It's really a funny story: At first we thought that full-page picture calendars in the same style are common all over the world.


A dear friend in the U.S. later said that she thinks calendars are becoming more and more out of fashion as more and more people are, after all, storing their appointments and dates in their mobile device. So we offered 99 "European style" calendars. To distinguish our offer from the calendar style common in the USA


Again, much later, we realized that we could disappoint many people for whom the grid is crucial and important. And so we discovered Zazzle, Redbubble, Cafepress and Co. because we didn't want to afford to have so-called brochure calendars printed and then sit on them forever while they become just worthless paper from February on.


Next and finally, we thought that such a calendar style, which is more common in the USA, could be interesting for German music lovers as well.



Seriously Now: They Are Two Completely Different Approaches!


We came to this conclusion when thinking about the possibility that our hints for interested people, which we "send" to Zazzle, Cafepress, Spreadshirt and Co. for our calendars, might hurt our sales of the European style calendars. Which would result in being stuck with a large number of calendars when the season is over: a bad deal, a bad decision.


So we worked on it and found out: People looking for a grid version probably wouldn't buy a poster-style version, and vice versa.

For Your Kitchen as a "Tool" ... Or for Many Places in Your Home as a Cool Wall Decoration 


What is our opinion: The European style calendar makes absolutely no sense in your kitchen if you need a place to write down Lucas' birthday, Emily's hair appointment, or Ashley's prom. In fact, with a European style calendar, you're missing the grid.


A grid calendar is more of a "tool" than a decoration ... and would look terrible in your hallway, music room, guest bathroom or even living and dining area. A calendar in the style that is common in Germany is art, decoration ... simply a pleasure to look at.

You wouldn't hang a brochure music calendar (... a 50:50 calendar with large grid) in your beautifully decorated bathroom, either in your own bathroom nor in a guest bathroom, would you?

Here it is evident: This music calendar is not a "tool". It is like a painting or a piece of jewelry or a picture ... just a decoration. Not a grid.

In fact, this room – your kitchen or a utility room or a pantry – is the perfect place for a "50:50" calendar.

A cool office, a cool decoration: the music calendar without the grid that is common in the USA. Without this grid it is art, with the grid we consider it a tool.

Hard to believe: You can even support our Bach Mission if you buy a music gift in one of the shops above or in a shop of another supplier. For this, however, it is necessary that you visit these shops through my shop ... here you can learn more.

With a grid? Absolutely not! But without a grid, many music calendars and many composers calendars fit in many rooms in your house.

Are you a lawyer, a consultant, a doctor, a real estate agent? If so, and if you have a reception area, a music calendar without a grid would enhance that place. And there are many music calendars with any music theme you can imagine. From very serious and traditional to cool, and hip, and stylish.



Two Calendar "Destinations", With and Without Grid: European Style Vs. 50:50 Style ... It Is 100 Percent Your Choice


While Bach 4 You and thus my Publishing House Shop – which offers the European style calendars – is an individual one-person company offering support, help and shipping, so to speak, these online shop internet portals are only good for your own discovery, and we regret that we cannot help, support or handle any requests. But ... it is not a big deal to order there, and we have had only good experiences with them. Please remember: You can order lots of music gifts with Bach 4 You designs at four internet shops. However, you can get calendars with a grid only at Zazzle.

The last "exit" to the five shops inside our Bach Mission … learn more here.



99 Music Calendars, Composers Calendars and Bach Calendars

A music calendar, a composers calendar, a Bach calendar (on the left). Three sizes, European style and 50:50 (... via Zazzle), 2024 + 2025. To the Shop. Many T-shirts are available especially at "Zazzle" and at "Spreadshirt".



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